Thai Airways Cancellation Policy

Thai Airways cancellation policy

Thai Airlines is one of the most creditable airlines in Thailand. The air service was founded in 1960 and started operations in the same way. It may interest you to know that the airline has a captivating fleet size of 75. Not to mention that the airline flies to over 70 different destinations. Today, the headquarters of the airline is in Bangkok in Thailand. The beauty of this airline is that it offers a wide range of services online. For instance, a client can book a reservation on the airline’s official website.

Similarly, one can revoke a reservation online, if they so wish. That explains the need to understand the Thai Airlines ticket cancellation policy. Luckily for you, this well-researched write up will enlighten you on the airline’s travel services. Apart from this, the article will also seek to answer vital questions that you may have.

You can’t afford not, to read the article to the last word. You’ll appreciate the fact that Thai Airlines ensure that you get value for your money.

What is Thai Airlines Flight Cancellation Policy?

You need to understand Thai Airlines 24 hour cancellation policy. The airline permits a customer to nullify the air ticket within 24 hours, for whatever reason. The exciting news is that such a client pays no Thai Airlines cancellation fee; that’s why the client is eligible for a full refund. That is not to suggest that if you delay beyond that, you lose the travel funds.

Typically, if one cancels the booking after 24 hours, you’ll still get a refund. However, you’ll have to pay up a Thai Airlines cancellation fee. Kindly note that the airline deducts this fee from the paid booking fee. For one to get a refund, you must nullify the booking before the day of departure. After that day, the air ticket becomes not only non-refundable but also non-cancellable.

Technically the value of the flight cancellation fee depends on the kind of air ticket you purchase. It may interest you to know that the airline sells both refundable and non-refundable air tickets. Interestingly, the Thai Airlines 24-hour cancellation policy applies to both refundable and non-refundable bookings.

Thai Airlines Flight Cancellation Process

Just like other airlines, Thai Airlines offers three different ways of invalidating a booking. For example, one can revoke the reservation on the airline’s official website. Alternatively, you can contact customer service to cancel the ticket directly.

1. Online Ticket Cancellation Process

A client is at liberty to nullify a booking online. You may, either to use the website, the mobile app or email customer service.

a) Via the Thai Airline’s Website

One needs to follow a simple procedure to cancel the reservation online successfully. Here are the simple steps to follow dutifully to revoke the booking.

  1. Open a web browser of your choice
  2. Visit the airline’s official website
  3. Navigate to manage my accounts
  4. Enter the booking number and the last name
  5. Select the booking you wish to nullify
  6. Click the flight cancellation option for the booking
  7. Click on continue.

b) Through Thai Airlines Mobile app

Click on manage my account to start the flight cancellation policy. After that enter the flight details of the booking you wish to revoke. Click on manage my booking then click on the cancel ticket option. Confirm the identity of the air ticket you’d like to invalidate. Feel free to submit the flight cancellation request.

Kindly note that you can quickly download the Thai Airlines mobile app from play store.The mobile is not only fast and convenient but also easy to use. Trust me; you’ll love it to bits.

c) Cancelling via email

Thai Airways ticket cancellation policy allows one to request the support team to revoke your booking via email. You can send customer care the flight cancellation request containing all the flight details; essential details include the booking number, last name, destination and departure time. The agents will capture the details and nullify the reservation for you.

The email address is [email protected]. Expect the airline to send you an email notification if the cancellation was successful. Usually, the airline takes between 24 hours to 3 business days to revoke the ticket.

2. Offline Air Ticket Cancellation Process

You’re free to nullify a booking using an offline means. However, you must seriously take note of Thai Airlines cancellation policy period. Remember that if you delay beyond the validity period, you lose the funds. Technically, the airline offers two ways of cancelling an air ticket offline.

Firstly you can phone the support team to cancel the reservation directly. Alternatively, you can visit the airline’s head office.

a) Thai Airlines Contacts

A client is free to contact the support team to nullify the booking for them. The good news is that customer care won’t charge you additional charges. Kindly dial +1-855-695-0028 for ticket cancellation assistance. Additionally, ensure that you provide the customer care agent with the necessary flight details.

b) Visiting the Airport

Feel free to visit the airport to cancel an air ticket. Although, you’ll still cancel the air ticket, it’s not the most convenient method available.

How to Get a Refund On Turkish Airlines Flight Cancellation

Usually, Thai Airlines allow a customer to cancel a booking for whatever reason. Once the airline process the cancellation request, they begin to process the refund. Kindly note that if you revoke the booking within 24 hours, you are eligible for a full refund. On the contrary, if you delay beyond that duration, you get a partial refund.

The airline refund policy expects the airline to use the same method to refund. For instance, if you booked via a credit card, the airline will use the same way to repay you. At the moment, refund processing takes between 7 to 14 business days.

What is Thai Airlines Flight Cancellation Fee?

Thai Airlines cancellation fee depends on the type of airfare. Technically the airline sells three different air tickets; Flexi saver, Flexi saver plus and full flex fare. Typically, a Flexi saver air ticket draws a flight cancellation fee of between, $200 to $250.

On the other hand, a Flexi saver plus attract a cancellation fee of $100.Lastly, the Flexi fare draws a cancellation fee of $200.As hinted earlier, the airline deducts this fee from the paid booking fee.

Turkish Airlines Flight Change Policy

Thai Airlines allows a client to modify a booking if they please. Interestingly, there are two different ways of changing a reservation. Firstly, you may opt to change the booking on the airline’s official website. The second option available is to contact customer service to change the booking for you.

If you bought the ticket via a third party, don’t worry at all. Just get in touch with the respective travel agency for flight modification. However, you must know that most agencies charge a flight change fee. Not to mention that air ticker differences may apply.

FAQs Related To Thai Airways Cancellation Policy

How can I book a Thai Airlines air ticket?

Thai Airlines provides two distinct ways of booking a reservation. Firstly you can conveniently book the booking process on the airline’s official website. The second option that exists is to call customer care to book the flight for you. Ensure that you provide them with the correct personal information as well as the flight details.

Does Thai Airlines have a policy on pets?

Yes, they do! You’re free to travel with your pet. Usually, the airline classifies pets as checked luggage. Therefore, it implies that you pay a small fee for the airline to allow you to go with your pet. However, you may take full responsibility for your pet during the journey. Ensure that the pet is not a definite nuisance to the fellow passengers. Please note that there’s a limit to the total number of pets they allow. For this reason, you need to ensure that you book the reservation early enough.
Customers must know that Thai Airlines does not allow some breeds of dogs. These include Staffordshire bull terrier dogs, American pit bull terrier, to mention but just a few. At the moment the airline allows kinds such as:-
Boston Terrier
Dutch pug
Chow chow

What are some of the beautiful destinations that Thai Airlines cover?

Today, Thai Airlines flies to nearly 75 different amazing destinations. The encouraging news is that the airline flies to both domestic as well as international destinations. Here are some of the notable places.
New Zealand
Sri Lanka

Can I book a hotel on the airline’s official website?

Yes, you can! The exciting news is that currently, the airline is offering irresistible offers to customers. Therefore you can book a hotel and a reservation at a discounted price. You’ll be happy to know that there are multiple hotels from which you can select. Kindly ensure that you specify the details of the kind of hotel you’d like to book.

If my ticket is past the date of travel, can I still apply for a refund?

No, you can’t! A ticket is only valid before the set departure date. Therefore once that day passes, you cannot request a refund. Kindly note that even if you ask for repayment, the airline will reject the request. Therefore you’ll not have to pay any Thai Airlines cancellation fee as no refunding is necessary there. Please ensure that you request a refund at least a day or two before the set departure date.

If the airline cancels the flight unceremoniously, am I eligible for a refund?

Yes, you are! You’ll be happy to know that in such a case you’re eligible for a full refund. Typically the airline does not charge you a Thai Airlines cancellation fee. Interestingly, you can even claim compensation, especially if the airline didn’t notify you in time.
However, don’t worry as the airline rarely cancels a flight for the customers. In most cases, the airline usually notifies the customers days before. Kindly note that if a natural disaster necessitates the cancellation, you do not receive any compensation.

If I fall ill, can I claim a refund?

Yes, you can! However, the air ticket has to be valid. For instance, if your air ticket expired, you can’t claim a refund. Additionally, you must follow the Thai Airways ticket cancellation policy. The beauty of the cancellation policy is that it’s highly sensible. For this reason, it caters for specific unfortunate occurrences such as illness or death.

If a family member falls and I don’t wish to travel, can I claim a refund?

Yes, you can! However, you must prove that your ticket is valid to get a refund. Additionally, you must submit the cancellation request before the set departure time. Remember that once the validity of the air ticket expires then, you lose your travel funds. Kindly note that customer care may request that you prove the misfortune. The reason why they do so is because some mischievous customers may nullify the ticket for the sake of it.

What happens if I cancel the flight over looming uncertainty?

As long as you follow the Thai Airlines ticket cancellation policy, you deserve a refund. The beauty of the airline is that it respects your privacy. However, for you to get a refund, the ticket has to be valid. In case the air ticket is used, you cannot claim a repayment.
The exciting news is that the airline notifies customers, delays and cancellations in time. Additionally, the airline rarely delays flight to await late customers. Therefore you have no reason to fear getting inconvenienced. You’ll arrive at your destination on time.

Does Thai Airlines have a no show policy?

Yes, they do! If a customer misses a flight, Thai Airlines nullifies the booking. Typically if you notify the airline in advance, you do not lose your travel funds. On the contrary, if you miss the flight without prior notification, you may lose your money. Please note that in such a case, the airline won’t allow you to re-book. Similarly, the airline may turn down your refund policy.

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