Southwest Airlines Cancellation Policy

SouthWest Airlines Cancellation Policy

Southwest Airlines is a well-respected American airline. This airline was founded in 1967 and has expanded tremendously over the years. At the moment, Southwest airlines operate in 11 different bases. Notable bases include Atlanta, Los Angeles, Baltimore, Denver, to mention but just a few.

Currently, Southwest Airlines boasts of a large fleet size of 742. As of 2019, the airline has a total of 60,023 employees. The airline allows customers to book air tickets either online or in person. The article will shed more light on the Southwest Airlines cancellation policy, as well as flight change policy.

Southwest Airline Cancellation Policy

Sometimes circumstances may necessitate the cancellation of an air ticket. The good news is that Southwest airlines allow customers to cancel a flight for whatever reason. You can easily cancel your trip by following the Southwest airlines flight cancellation policy. Not to mention, that the airline doesn’t charge any cancellation fee to process the cancellation request.

Most customers wonder how to cancel Southwest flight. Well, for one to cancel their trip, he or she needs to fill a form online. Some of the essential details include;

  • Confirmation code
  • First name
  • Date
  • Second name

However, one must cancel the flights at least ten minutes the scheduled flight. Once the support team processes your cancellation, they immediately forfeit your ticket. You’ll be glad to know that the support team takes the Southwest 24 hour cancellation policy very seriously.

southwest airlines cancellation policy

This fact means that a customer is at liberty to request flight cancellation at any time. The beauty of Southwest Airlines is that they respect the right to privacy. You don’t have to give a reason for the cancellation. As long as you tender your request in time, the team in charge will process it.

For one to access their refund, you need to log in to your Rapid Rewards account. It may interest you to know that you can easily track your travel funds upon applying for a refund. Southwest allows passengers to cancel their flights using the southern airline mobile app.

Southwest Air Ticket Cancellation Fee

Southwest Airlines is among the few airlines that do not charge a Southwest cancellation fee. However, all passengers need to comply with the policy for the support team to process their cancellation. The airline allows the customers to tender the cancellation request within 24 hours of the booking

Southwest Airline Cancellation Refund

As already mentioned, Southwest 24 hour cancellation policy dictates that the airline doesn’t charge to cancel a flight for you. Usually, if a customer cancels a ticket with a non-refundable fare, the support team will send you the funds. The good news is that the support teams process all cancellations within 24 hours.

Some of the ways to send a cancellation request include;

When the 24 hour-window expires, the ticket is now considered non-refundable. Therefore, if a customer tenders the cancellation after 24 hours of booking, they don’t get the refund. However, it does not necessarily mean that you lose your money. The airline carries the ticket forward, and you can use it within 12months. 

Kindly, note that the airline considers unclaimed tickets after expiry, lost. Therefore, the airline encourages the customers to apply within 24 hours when the travel funds become non-refundable. 

Customers can also cancel flights purchased using points. Usually, once the cancellation is processed, the points are added to the account used to book the flight. Unknown to some customers, all EarlyBird purchases are non-refundable. Therefore when a customer cancels such a ticket, the airline immediately forfeits the funds. Isn’t Southwest Airlines flight cancellation policy the best?

How to Cancel Southwest Airlines’s Air Tickets Online

Many people wishes to know how to cancel Southwest flight. Well, canceling a flight is now easy and fast, thanks to Southwest airlines. Southwest airlines flight cancellation policy is simple and easy to follow. Below are the few steps to follow to submit your flight cancellation request successfully. 

  1. Open the browser of your choice
  2. Enter the domain name link should lead you to Southwest Airlines’ official website.
  3. Navigate to the Cancel Flight option
  4. fill in the online cancellation fee.
  5. submit the filled online cancellation form.

Alternatively, you can opt to reach the support team directly. However, you must ensure that you have all the necessary details ready. The most crucial information needed for the processing of the cancellation include; 

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Ticket number
  • Flight date
  • Destination
  • Origin
  • Confirmation number
  • Date
  • Identification number

Southwest Airlines Ticket Refund

As hinted earlier, Southwest Airlines flight cancellation policy, allows customers to cancel a flight at least ten minutes before flight departure time. The customer needs to provide all the necessary details, such as the ticket details, to prove identity. Upon the processing of the cancellation, the air carrier refunds the travel funds. 

southwest refund policy

Usually, the refund department takes seven business days to process eligible refunds. The airline refunds customers via credit or debit card. However, you must know that amount may take an additional ten business days to reflect in the account. 

Unlike other air services that penalize customers seeking a refund, Southwest Airlines doesn’t. The policy only requires the customer to request a refund at least 10 minutes to departure time. Any customer who follows the policy correctly, they don’t pay Southwest cancellation fee. Additionally, one must provide essential details for the air service to process your cancellation request.

In case you forget the ticket number feel free to call the Refund Department. The support team will help you out!

Southwest Airlines 24 Hour Cancellation Policy

Nothing is more daunting than a lengthy flight cancellation policy. The good news is that Southwest Airlines flight cancellation policy is the most straightforward policy ever. A customer is only free to request cancellation within 24 hours after purchasing the air ticket. Once the 24-hours elapses, the airline considers the travel funds as non-refundable. 

It may please you to know that the support team does not charge to cancel a flight. The policy allows customers to use three ways to tender a cancellation request. You may opt to cancel your trip using Southwest Airlines’ official website. Alternatively, you may choose to use the airline’s app to request a cancelation. That’s not all; the airline allows customers to call their support team to cancel their flight.

Southwest Airline Flight Cancellation/Change Charges

What’s Southwest cancellation fee? Southwest Airlines allows both flight cancellation as well as flight changes. However, customers need to tender their interest within 24 hours after purchasing the air ticket. For one to change a flight, you need to fill out a flight reservation form online. The flight change form is accessible from the airline’s official website or through the app. 

Interestingly, the air service does not charge to change a flight for you. However, the air carrier may ask for more funds if the tour has a higher rate. The unpredictability of changing flights makes it logical to make them via direct calling. 

Southwest Airlines Non-refundable Air Tickets

As hinted repeatedly, Southwest Airlines accepts cancellation requests. However, the policy demands that a customer request cancelation within 24 hours after purchasing the ticket. Once the 24 hours elapses, the airline considers the airfare as non-refundable. 

However, you do not lose your money. The money is still reusable though not refundable. Kindly that a customer has to pay a small Southwest cancellation fee. A customer is free to use a non-refundable ticket within 12 months after purchase. One must send an application for the airline to allow you to use your non-refundable funds.

Southwest Airlines No Show Policy

Southwest Airlines flight cancellation policy has a very elaborate no show policy. If a customer doesn’t plan to travel, you ought to cancel the flight. Usually, the airline offers a window of up to 10 minutes to departure time. If a customer fails to turn up for the tour, the airline usually forfeits the funds. This policy is because Southwest Airlines considers them no show. 

However, the air service does not penalize customers for not turning up. However, the air carrier encourages the customer to notify them of their decision in time. This fact is because prior notification helps them to replace the unavailable customer.

How to Use Southwest Airlines Non-refundable Funds

Southwest Airlines deposits non-refundable funds in the customer’s Rapid Rewards account. In case the amount doesn’t reflect in your account, call 1-800-435-9792. Kindly note that the unused travel ticket has a fixed expiry date. Therefore, you must apply to use the funds within 12 months after the airline deposits it. Usually, when the unused funds reach expiry date, the airline forfeits the funds. Hence the funds become permanently unusable. 

Southwest Air Cancellation – Final Thought

Southwest Airlines has the most customer-friendly flight cancellation policy. Firstly, the airlines do not Southwest cancellation fee, to cancel a flight for their customer. Additionally, the airline offers a reasonable duration during which one can cancel a trip. Although the ticket becomes non-refundable after 24 hours, it remains redeemable. 

This brief article has spilled the few steps that a customer needs to follow to cancel a flight. Usually, the support team refunds the ticket within 24 hours after you request cancellation. If you have any questions related to ticket cancellation, you’re free to reach us. We’ll be more than glad to respond to you within the shortest time possible.

FAQs – Southwest Airlines Cancellation Policy

How long does Southwest airline take to process cancellations?

The Refund department takes up to 24 hours to process the flight cancellation request. However, processing of the refunds takes a duration of up to 7 business days. You can easily track the funds by logging into your account. However, please note that you must pay a small Southwest cancellation fee.

Which tickets does the carrier consider non-refundable?

Southwest Airlines expects customers to send a flight cancellation request within 24 hours after ticket purchase. If a customer delays beyond this duration, the airline considers the ticket as non-refundable. However, the funds are sent to the Rapid Rewards account. You’re free to use the travel funds within 12 months.

Which department handles refunds, cancellation, and flight changes?

The Refund department is responsible for processing refunds and flight cancellations. Therefore the air service encourages customers to channel such-like concerns to them. Alternatively, Southwest 24 hour cancellation allows you to call the head office for direction.

How long does it take for non-refundable tickets to expire?

A non-refundable ticket takes up to 12 months to expire. Therefore the customer is at liberty to use the airfare within the 12 months. Once the 12 months elapses, the airline automatically forfeits the travel funds.

What happens if one doesn’t cancel a flight within 24 hours?

Southwest Airlines flight cancellation policy allows customers to cancel their flights within 24 hours after booking. In the event, the customer delays, the funds become non-refundable. The airline deposits the travel funds to the customer’s Rapid Rewards account. Although the funds are non-withdrawable, you can still use them to cover future flights.

How does one request for the cancellation of a flight?

Customers can notify the support team of their intention to cancel their flight through 3 ways.
Calling; a customer is at liberty to call the customer care agent to cancel a flight. Feel free to call 1-855-234-4654
Southwest Airlines app; customers are free to use the app to cancel a flight. The good news is that the customer care agents process these requests either during the day or at night.
Through filling an online form, a client can cancel a flight by filling in the cancellation form. Some of the essential details include confirmation number, first name, second name, and the ticket number.

Where does Southwest Send refunds?

The airline’s refund department deposits an eligible refund to the specified credit or debit card. Ordinarily, processing of the returns takes up to seven business days. However, it may take an extra ten business days for the money to reflect in your account. In case you notice any unusual delay, feel free to reach Southwest carrier for immediate assistance.

How does one use the non-refundable travel funds?

You can apply to use the non-refundable travel funds using the app. Alternatively, you can fill in the application online on the airline’s official website. Navigate the site to the purchase page to fill the form.
Kindly note that you’ll have to provide essential details for the relevant department to process your request. Some of the crucial information includes ticket numbers and customer details. The air service encourages customers to use the funds before the 12-month duration expires. Remember that once the period elapses, the funds now become unusable.
Kindly familiarize yourself with Southwest Airlines cancellation policy. In case you experience any challenge applying for the funds, call us for assistance!

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