Oman Air Ticket Cancellation Policy

Oman Air Ticket Cancellation Policy

Oman Air is one of the best travel agencies preferred by many travelers when it comes to saving money during a flight booking. It provides only all-reserved flight services that keep the passenger connected for assistance in numerous ways. There’s a plan when it comes to the booking process. For that reason, you’ll need to go with the non-refundable ticket and the plan will assist you to cancel your flight as you wish easily. If you have already booked a ticket and now you’re going to have it canceled, you can easily do that. But how is that possible? Well, in this article, we will guide you through the process of ticket cancellation as per the Oman Air ticket cancellation policy charges. We will also let you know of any charges or fees you must pay to have your flight canceled as well as how you can get a refund after the successful flight cancellation.

Oman Airlines Ticket Cancellation Policy and Refund Policy

  • According to the Oman Air Booking cancellation policy, unused flight tickets are eligible for cancellation and exchange for another flight ticket or can be refunded. Oman Air Ticket Cancellation fee or administrative charges may apply depending on the ticket rules. Any paper ticket requires being returned to Oman air issuing office in person. 
  • To exchange or refund an electronic ticket, a customer is needed to present a valid photo ID of the passenger whose name is indicated on the ticket.
  • Oman Airlines have the right to refund the flight ticket to only the passenger who initially paid for the flight in the same payment utilized for the purchase of the ticket.
  • Lost paper flight tickets can be refunded depending on certain conditions. For more information, please reach out to the issuing office. 

How to Cancel your Flight Ticket

If you’ve booked a ticket but unfortunately something comes up and you’re forced to cancel the ticket, you’ll need to get in touch with Oman Airlines with a customer who is going to assist you in the flight or ticket cancellation. The agent will also offer you immediate help for you to understand the policy.

So, whether you’re going to cancel or book a flight, you’ve to choose the instant policy process that states you need to choose the non-refundable ticket to help you in rebooking your flight as first and easy as possible. Below, let’s have a look at simple ways of understanding the Oman Air Ticket Cancellation Policy:

  1. First of all, go to the official Oman Airlines website and click the login button to sign in to your account using the correct login credentials.
  2. On successful login, you need to choose the flight that you’ve already booked. Once you’ve done that, proceed easily with the next step.
  3. You’ll see a code that you’re supposed to enter into the right field in which you have a wonderful opportunity of selecting the ticket cancel button. 
  4. Click on that button to have the flight ticket canceled and choose your flight and cancel easily then hit the continue button.
  5. Now, choose the other option that offers you the right information easily.
  6. When you’re through with the process online, click the “done” button available at the bottom of the screen. 

How to Request for Ticket Refund

Once you have concealed your flight successfully, you can easily apply or request a refund at any time of the day, 24/7. If you’re wondering how to go through the process of a refund request, here’s how: 

  • First, go to the Oman Airlines website and login to your account with the right username (email address) and password.
  • Second, choose the flight that you recently canceled and proceed with the refund request.
  • Third, enter your phone number and go to the next step to enter the right details for your bank as well as the ticket number which was canceled. 
  • Oman Airlines provides a chance to check and enter the right details for the flight ticket and passenger.
  • Press enter and your refund is going to be instantly accepted once you have completed the process

If you’re still unable to cancel your flight or apply for a refund successfully, it’s important that you get in touch with the Oman Airlines representative who will help you in every flight service and aspects that you need assistance for. 

Oman Airlines Ticket Refund and Rebooking Policy

  1. A passenger may change the travel dates up to 2 times
  2. No change or rebooking fees are going to be charged. However, the extra fare might be asked depending upon the type of fare purchased
  3. Adjusted travel dates may be up to 2 years (24 months) from the dates of actual ticket issuance.
  4. Change to a second Oman Air destination can also be allowed
  5. No change or rebooking feed will be asked for changing destination. However, in case the airfare to the new destination is higher, then the passenger will be required to add the fare difference.  
  6. Changes made to ticket bookings can be made immediately or tickets may be kept open to allow rebooking in the future.
  7. A passenger may also request for a refund
  8. If the passenger made the booking directly via the Oman Air official website or at the ticket office of the airline, they may get in touch with Oman Airlines Call Center or one of the Ticket Offices. 
  9. If the passenger made a booking through a travel agency, they ought to contact the particular agency. 

Flight Delays and Cancellation

  1. Oman Airlines is dedicated to meeting on-time departures on all scheduled flights. However, sometimes situations can arise when delays and cancellations are inevitable for reasons such as technical snags, bad weather, safety, and security reasons.
  2. In the event that flight cancellation or long delays are experienced, the passenger will be kept up-to-date with such changes provided a contact detail was provided in the reservation history during the picket purchase. 
  3. If the passenger bought their tickets or made reservations via travel agents, the airline will only have the contact of the travel agent and not yours. Thus, any subsequent cancellations or delays will be notified to the respective travel agents, who will then be tasked with keeping you updated accordingly.
  4. Oman Airlines strives to ensure that they provide their customers with the most convenient travel experience and they endeavor to lessen causing any inconveniences to the passenger during flight delays and cancellations as well as ensure that the passenger is as comfortable as they like it.  

Oman Airlines Booking Alteration before Departure

  • Less than a day – 50% out of the Package Price
  • 3 days and below – 40% out of the Package Price
  • 7-4 days – 25% out the Package Price
  • Over 7 days – $20 per person

The “Package Price” refers to the entire package cost, which is airfare plus ground services. The Price is paid for everyone booked and confirmed included in the package, including both children and adults.

All alterations and cancellations of confirmed bookings are going to require being sent to the airline in writing. The above alteration and cancellation periods are going to be applied according to the written notification received by the Oman Airlines staff.

If once full payment of any booking must be canceled by the airline, the passenger will receive a suitable alternative or a full refund. If their package requires being altered, a suitable option will also be offered.

Complaints and Refunds

If a passenger has complaints against the services they booked from the package, the complaints must be reported at once to the airline travel local agent. The agent will try to resolve the problem and ensure that the passenger receives what they have paid for. If their complaint isn’t resolved as per the passenger’s satisfaction, any refund requests or further complaints will be addressed to the airline within 2 days (48 hours) of the passenger’s return.

The passenger will receive a reply for the refund request or complaint within 7 days after the receipt and acknowledgment of the same. The amount of the refund offered to the passenger is going to be only known to Oman Air. Any services, either part of the paid or pre-booked package taken by the passenger and remaining unused, won’t be refunded.

Travel Documentation

It’s the responsibility of the passenger to make sure that they have a valid entry permit or passport for the destination for which the travel package is booked. It’s also important that the passenger carries with them the Oman Air travel voucher that was issued by the airline to confirm the listed services to be booked and reconfirmed and paid for. Service providers reserve the right to refuse bookings if the passenger lacks valid vouchers.


All prices listed in the list of prices may change without any prior notice. If the passenger has deposited some amount or has paid in full for the package, any price increase initiated to them before their travel date will have to require being paid by the passenger. In the event that the price is unacceptable, the passenger may cancel their booking and the same will depend on the Oman Air Ticket cancellation Fee applicable, if any, will need to be cleared by the passenger.

Condition to Travel

It’s the responsibility of the passenger to keep in mind and follow the rules and regulations set by the airline or the hotel where they will be staying. Passengers have to make sure that during the package booking, the Oman Air ticket cancellation charges and ticket refund policy as well as other rules and regulations are read, comprehended, and accepted.

FAQs Related To Oman Air Ticket Cancellation Policy

Q1. How can I cancel my Oman air flight ticket?

Go the Oman Airlines ticket reservation website and hit the login button
Choose the “check-in and reservation management” tab. Choose the “flight change and cancellation” tab.
Enter the right name and ticket number, the correct name and phone number of the passenger holding the ticket.
Choose the flight schedule, date, and then hit on the “cancel” button.
Type in the reason for your cancellation and then choose the ticket type to receive the refund.
If you have a refundable ticket, you may request a refund as per the policy.
Once you have canceled your ticket successfully, you’ll close your account and wait for your refund within 24 hours.

Q2. What are the Oman Airlines Cancellation Policy 24 Hours

If you plan to travel to a nice destination with your friends or family using Oman Airlines, it’s easy for you to book your tickets. Before booking the tickets, however, you need to take into consideration some crucial points regarding the Oman Airlines cancellation policy, as stated below:
You can cancel unutilized tickets or purchase another one as in case you need a refund, it can be initiated without issues.
All ticket cancellations that are initiated by the client have to be confirmed before the departure date of the flight
If the buying was made within 7 days, the passenger has to pay 25% of the flight ticket price as the Oman Air Ticket cancellation fee, as per the cancellation policy.
If any cancellation is initiated by the airline, the passenger is going to be informed and a suitable alternative will be provided to ensure that their travel experience goes undisrupted.

Q3. How can I get a refund with Oman Air?

If you didn’t get a refund within the stipulated time, then you must contact the Oman Airlines reimbursement policy to speak to the customer representative who will help you with details of how to get your full refund to your bank account.
If you have other questions or concerns about the flight services, you can also contact the Oman Air customer support representative to get the right information regarding the flight services easily.

Q4. What’s the Oman Airlines Date change policy?

If you have booked a flight on Oman Air and it happens that you can’t travel on the scheduled date due to changed plans, then you’ll require making changes to your flight data. It’s easy to make the changes. However, you may be required to pay some fee to facilitate the changes. For more info on this, please get in touch with the Oman Air customer support representative.

Q5. How do I change my flight date on Oman Air?

If you need to change your flight date or make any other changes, visit the Oman Air official website
On the website, click “Manage Trip” or the booking option
You’ll get a link for either changing or canceling your ticket
Click on “change reservations”
Enter the correct details of your booked flight ticket
Once you do that, you’ll receive all your ticket information
Now click on your flight date and find an alternative date
After that, click on “Change Reservation” and then “enter”
Pay the rate of exchange, if any, and you’ll get a notification when any changes have been made.

Oman Airlines Cancellation Charges – Final Though

Canceling a flight can be an unfortunate situation but sometimes it’s inevitable. When you find yourself in a situation where you have to cancel an already booked flight with Oman Airlines, you can do so easily thanks to the guidance provided in the article. We have looked at the Oman Airlines cancellation charges to help you understand the rules and fees that will apply if you’re forced to go through Oman Air Ticket Cancellation. We also have helped you understand the process of applying for a refund once you cancel your flight. The FQAs section will help you go through the article at a glance. If you still have any questions that we haven’t covered in this article, feel free to contact Oman Airlines Customer Support and a representative will answer them all and guide you accordingly.

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