Latam Cancellation Policy

Latam Cancellation Policy

Latam Airlines is a highly respected airline in Santiago. The airline was founded in 2012 and has grown immeasurably over time. At the moment, the airline boasts of over 43,000 employees. You’ll be glad to know that the airline covers different destinations across the world.

The beauty of Latam Airlines is that they offer a wide range of services online. A customer is at liberty to book a flight online. You may be wondering whether a Latam cancellation policy exists. The reality is that the airline has a strict cancellation policy.

Latam Airlines Cancellation policy

  • Is there a Latam cancellation policy? Yes, there is! A customer is free to cancel a flight within 24 hours. This fact is because Latam Airlines’ 24-hour cancellation policy gives the customer up to 24 hours to cancel the trip. The good news is that customer service does not deduct any cancellation fee.
  • However, if a customer cancels the air ticket after 24 hours, they will pay a cancellation fee. The beauty of Latam Airlines is that they respect customer’s privacy. Therefore, the Latham cancellation policy does not demand a reason. As long as you follow the procedure, you’ll get a refund.
  • Currently, the Latam cancellation policy provides different ways of canceling an air ticket. Firstly, you can cancel the flight online. All you need to do is to fill in the flight cancellation fee. The customer service will get the notification and cancel it for you.
  • Alternatively, you can cancel the flight by directly calling the airline. The airline has a team of customer care agents on standby. Once you provide all the details, they’ll immediately cancel the ticket.
  • Customers must know that if they fail to cancel the air ticket within 24 hours, they risk paying a fee. Typically, the customer service will levy a cancellation fee to cancel an air ticket for such a customer.

What Is Latam Airlines Refund Policy?

As hinted before, one can cancel the Latam flight. However, for you not to pay any Latam Airlines cancellation fee, you need to cancel the ticket within 24 hours. The good news is that all Latam air tickets are refundable. Therefore, a customer can request a refund for whatever reason.

A customer can request a refund by filling in a refund request form. Customers can access this form from the airline’s official website. Ensure that you enter the correct reservation code as well as the ticket number. The customer service will initiate the refund process, to ensure that you get the travel funds back.

It may interest you to know that Latam sends the refund to the exact customer. Additionally, the airline uses the same method of payment the customer used to buy the ticket. Typically, the air service deducts the Latam Airlines cancellation fee from the paid travel funds.

Please note that refunds take varying duration to reflect. The period usually relies on different factors, such as the method of payment used. However, if the repayments delays abnormally, feel free to seek assistance. The customer service will sort you out!

In some cases, the airline issues a travel voucher instead of actual cash. The airline sends the refund voucher to eligible customers via email. A customer can use the refund voucher to utilize any air service services, including airfare. Other services include payment of fines, baggage charges, to mention but just a few.

If you were to travel as a group, the Latam cancellation policy expects you to apply for a refund individually. Each one of you will have to fill in a refund request form. The customer support will process the requests separately to determine its eligibility. After that, Latam will then refund each eligible customer individually.

If a customer bought the ticket via a travel agency, contact them for a refund. However, please note that some agencies may levy charges such as refund fee and a cancellation fee. That explains the importance of contacting travel agencies.

Some agencies only sell non-refundable and non-cancellable air tickets. This means that a customer cannot cancel the air ticket. Not to add, that a customer cannot request a refund. However, such agencies consider exceptional circumstances such as illness.

How to Cancel a Latam Air Ticket

As mentioned before, there are two ways to cancel Latam flight. Firstly a customer can cancel the flight online. Alternatively, a customer can contact the support team for cancellation. The support team will take down essential details, then cancel the trip for you.

Below are the simple steps to follow to cancel the ticket online.

  • Open a web browser of your choice.
  • Enter the domain name
  • Click on request for a refund.
  • Enter the reservation code and the ticket number.
  • Click on continue
  • follow the prompts
  • Submit your request

After you submit the request, the support team will cancel your flight. After that, the team will begin to process the refund request. If you had bought the ticket via a travel agency, you can’t cancel the ticket online.

You’ll have to visit the travel agency in person for ticket cancellation. Similarly, if you purchased the ticket via another airline, you can’t cancel online. You may have to visit the airline’s head office for assistance.

Latam Airlines Flight Change

Just like other airlines, Latam Airlines allows the customer to change a flight. However, a customer ought to stick to Latam Airlines’ flight change policy. The good news is that a customer can change the airline on their own. All you have to do is to visit

No Show Policy

Latam has the most customer-friendly, no show policy. Generally, if a customer fails to show up for a flight, the airline cancels their ticket. The good news is that the customer may re-book the flight. Similarly, if a customer arrives late, they also lose their air ticket.

The customer is free to re-book the flight. Alternatively, the client can request for a refund. Kindly note that the refund may take some time to reflect.

Latam Flight Cancellation-Final Thoughts

Cancellation and refund policies can either persuade or dissuade customers. Latam cancellation policy is one of the most attractive rules ever. A customer is free to request to cancel the ticket. The beauty of the policy is if the customer cancels, the air ticket within 24 hours, they pay no Latam Airlines cancellation fee.

Apart from that, the airline sticks to the set departure time. Rarely does the airline either delay or cancel scheduled flights for any reason. The airline does not wait for late customers. Instead, they cancel their air tickets to avoid inconveniencing other passengers.

Additionally, the airline offers a wide range of services online. For instance, a customer can book a flight online. Not to mention, other services such as re-booking, refunds processing as well as air ticket cancellations. Latam airlines should take a bow; they’re truly the pride of the aviation industry!

FAQs Related Latam Cancellation Policy

How will I know the amount of cancellation fee that I’ll pay?

The cancellation fee usually depends on the type of ticket you purchase. For more information, you can refer to your air ticket’s rules. You’ll be relieved to know that the airline deducts the Latam Airlines cancellation fee from the paid booking.

Can I request a refund for any unused air ticket?

Yes, you can! A client can request a refund if the unused ticket is valid. Kindly note that if the air ticket expires, you’ll not receive any refund. In case you’ve used part of the air ticket, you can still request for partial repayment.

Can one modify the flight?

Yes, you can! Latam provides two different ways of changing your flight. The first way is by visiting the airline’s official website. You’ll notice and modify your flight option. Please follow the prompts to change your trip successfully.
Secondly, you can change the flight by directly contacting the support team. The team will help you alter your trip at no charge.

Can I monitor the status of my refund?

Yes, you can! The airline allows a client to monitor their refunds closely. At the moment, the only way to do so is by contacting customer care directly. The encouraging news is that all eligible customers must receive a repayment. Kindly ensure that you adhere to the Latam cancellation policy to facilitate the refund process.

Can I request a repayment if I did not travel?

Yes, you can! The airline no show policy is lenient on customers who missed the flight. However, you must know that some service charges may apply. Additionally, the airline will first deduct any applicable fees before they repay you.
You may opt to use the travel funds to re-book an alternative flight. The airline will respect your decision.

Does Latam air service delay or cancel flights?

Rarely does the airline delay a flight. As hinted before, Latam cancels a ticket for late customers. The staff strictly follow the set departure time. However, the airline may delay or cancel a flight due to unavoidable reasons. For example, if a natural disaster such as a storm or an earthquake occurs, the airline will cancel the trip.
The good news is that the airline notifies customers in advance. The airline rarely delays flights due to petty reasons. For this reason, you have no right to worry. You’ll get to your destination in time, safe and sound.

How many destinations does Latam Airlines cover?

Latam Airlines group covers a total of 146 different destinations across the world. Notable destinations include;
South Africa
United States
Costa Rica

Can one book an air ticket online?

Yes, you can! A customer can book a flight on the airline’s official website. All you need to do is to fill out a form and make the payment. The good news is that the airline provides different online methods of payment.
However, if you experience any challenge of booking an air ticket, don’t worry. Just contact the support team for assistance. The team will jot down your details and book the flight for you. A customer will always receive a notification if their booking was successful.

What happens, cancel a ticket within 24 hours?

Are you aware of the Latam 24 hour cancellation policy? Latam airlines allow a customer to cancel an air ticket within 24 hours. The exciting thing is that such a customer pays no Latam Airlines cancellation fee.
That does not mean customers can’t cancel the ticket after 24 hours. Technically, the airline allows the customer to cancel the air ticket as they please. However, the reality is that you’ll have to pay a small cancellation fee.

What makes Latam Airlines special?

There are multiple reasons why you should consider Latam Airlines. Below are some of the exceptional reasons.
• Friendly policies, unlike ordinary air services, Latam Airlines has the most customer-friendly cancellation and refund policies. For example, a customer can cancel their ticket for whatever reasons. You don’t need to disclose your confidential reasons, to the support team.
• Punctuality; Latam has the most punctual staff ever. The team will always be ready to set off the journey at the stipulated departure time.
• Warm staff; hundreds of customers rate Latam’s customer service as the best. The team is always ready and willing to address any of your concerns. The good thing is that they offer high-quality services to the customer at no charge. How comforting is that?

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