Korean Air Ticket Cancellation Policy

Korean Air Flight Cancellation Policy – Korean Air is a reputable South Korea’s airline and flag carrier based in Seoul, Republic of Korea. This airline covers over 150 destinations all around the world. Korean Air is reputable for its convenient and comfortable traveling. It’s easy to book your flight with this airline and also cancel the flight as provided by the airline’s cancellation policy.  

Korean Air Flight Cancellation

Korean air ticket cancellation policy

Sometimes you might need to cancel your flight due to unexpected changes in your scheduled flight. However, canceling your air ticket can be a daunting task for you if you don’t know how to do it or you’re not familiar with the Korean Air cancellation policy. By the end of this article, I’m going to ensure that you know how to cancel Korean Air Ticket. 

When buying air tickets, we usually tend to go for the non-refundable ones because they are relatively pocket-friendly compared to their refundable counterparts. The idea of saving more drives every one of us to booking non-refundable air tickets. Unfortunately, if something comes up and you’re forced to cancel your ticket after 24 hours of flight booking, then you’ll not get any refund if you booked non-refundable tickets. 

Korean air cancellation policy

Lack of enough information on the Korean Air Cancellation Policy can lead to you losing a lot of money. That’s because your cancellation charge always depending on the airline’s terms and conditions. And you can demand and get a refund on a canceled flight if you book a refundable ticket. 

As per the Korean Air Cancellation Policy, you’ll not need to pay any cancellation fee if you cancel a ticket before 91 days from the departure. Additionally, you’ll not need to pay any cancellation fee if you cancel the ticket within 24 hours of the original purchase. Also, if you happened to book your flight form a third party, you must get in touch with the agency directly. It’s important to note that for NO SHOW Korean Air, you won’t get any refund and your entire amount is going to be forfeited. 

Korean Air Cancellation Fee

If you cancel your flight ticket within 90 to 61 days before departure, you’ll require paying KRW 30000, CAD 30 for the flight that departs from Canada, IDR 350, 000 for a flight departing from Indonesia in International flights. 

Moreover, if you cancel a ticket in between 60 and 15 days, you’ll require paying a cancellation charge of KRW 100,000. The Korean Air charges you KRW 120,000 if you cancel in between 14 and 4 days and KRW 150,000 if you cancel within 3 days of departure.

Korean Air Cancellation Refund

Korean Air doesn’t charge you any Korean Air flight cancellation fee if you cancel your flight in 24 hours of original purchase. There are many platforms that you can use to have your ticket canceled. These platforms include:

  • Official Website
  • Mobile Apps
  • Reservation number
  • Korean Air ticketing office
  • Airport counter

The refund process includes filling in an online form from the Korean website. Your refund will then be prepared within 20 business days. For each way within domestic flights, Korean air will deduct 1000 KRW from the total fare, and transfer the balance into your account. 

Korean Air Ticket Refund

If you change your mind about your scheduled and already booked flight or something comes up and you have to cancel your ticket, you can request a refund. You can do that through a travel agency or you can call Korea Air Service Centers, which of course, depends on the location of purchase. 

There’s a time limit within which you can request a refund that it, your ticket needs to be valid. The validity of the ticket can range from a year from the date of issuance to a year from the date of departure. Additionally, you can send an application for a refund in between 30 days from the date of the expiration of your ticket. 

Korean Air flight cancellation

When requesting a refund it’s important to know that the ticket’s name is the only individual who can get a refund. There are documents needed for a refund to push through, which are;

  • Photo identification of the passenger
  • E-ticket itinerary or receipt

There will also be extra documents needed when a representative asks for a refund. The documents are:

  • Photo identification of the representative
  • Power of Attorney made by the passenger

In the case of a minor, a legal guardian will be required to present a Photo Identification of the legal guardian and a family proof document.  

When the request for a refund is successful, the money will be transferred into the passenger’s bank account. If a passenger paid a ticket using a credit card, the refund is going to be issued straight to the passenger’s credit card account. The passenger can then check the account’s status by getting in touch with the credit card company within 2 to 5 days following the request as refund periods do vary. 

Korean Air Ticket Refund Penalty

A refund penalty will be applied each ticket that’s offered a refund as per its booking class, per one-way. For normal Fare (C, W, Y) you’ll be charged KRW 3000, for Special Fare (B, M, S, H, E) you’ll be charged KRW 5000 and for Hot Deal Fare (K, L, U, N, V) you’re going to pay KRW 7000.

Please note that Refund Penalty is going to be exempt from refunds requested for flight tickets bought on the date of departure without any reservation change at the actual ticket office but before the departure time. 

NO SHOW Penalty KRW 8000 will be applied for NO SHOW passengers who don’t cancel their ticket before the scheduled departure time or those who don’t board their flight following the check-in completion. The refund and penalty might apply separately depending on the rules and regulations of the Korean Air. 

The refund penalty might also be applied depending on the time of the cancellation. You can see the detailed information about the penalties imposed depending on the time you make a request for a refund.  

The refund service charge will apply to any refund no matter whether you did the Korean Air flight cancellation before the departure date. But the service feel is going to be exempted in case the penalty applies. 

Korean Air Refund Penalty Exemptions

  • In case of an involuntary refund
  • Refund requests that are made at least 91 days before the date of departure of an itinerary.
  • Refund requested in 24 hours of original purchase for tickets issued at least a week before the first date of departure of an itinerary through the ticking office of Korean Air, including the Korean Air website and Korean Air Service Center. 
  • Any refund requests made on the same day of original purchase through the ticketing office.
  • Unused tax is going to be refunded to you, as a passenger, and no handling Korean Air cancellation fee is going to be charged

Korean Air Flight Cancellation No Show Penalty

NO SHOW Penalty is going to be applied to a passenger that doesn’t cancel their ticket and doesn’t show up for the flight. Additionally, the penalty is going to be applied to a passenger who doesn’t board his or her flight following the check-in process completion. What’s more, a passenger will suffer a NO SHOW Penalty if he or she doesn’t cancel boarding when they enter the departure area. Follow this link to see the NO SHOW Penalty amount. 

Please also note that refund and reissue charges might apply separately as per Korean Air rules and regulations. You can see the full details of the implementation of NO SHOW Penalty here

How to Cancel Korean Air Tickets Online

It’s easy, convenient, and fast to cancel your Korean Air ticket online through the Korean air websites. Here’s how to go about it: 

  1. Open your favorite web browser
  2. On the web browser’s search bar, enter this link – https://www.koreanair.com/global/en.html. The link will take you to the Korean Air official website.
  3. Navigate to “Manage my accounts
  4. Click on the “View all booking” button
  5. Look for the flight you wish to cancel
  6. Click on “Manage my booking
  7. Scroll down and click on the “Cancel” option
  8. Ensure you have read the consent page keenly
  9. Click “Continue
  10. Confirm your identity and examine your choice
  11. Calculate the amount to be refunded 
  12. Submit the selection

If you cancel the ticket at least 91 days before the departure, you’ll have your entire airfare amount refunded back into your account. If you cancel the ticket in between 61 to 90 days, you’ll need to pay a Korean Air cancellation fee of $26, which is deducted from the total amount, and the balance is refunded or deposited into your account. 

What’s more, if you cancel tickets in between 15 to 60 days you’ll need to pay $44 to $262 as the cancellation fee. If you cancel the ticket in between 4 to 14 days, you’ll be charged $52 to $315 as a ticket cancellation fee as indicated in the Korean Air terms and conditions. The amount refunded will depend on your passenger class and the route. In some circumstances, a “NO SHOW” passenger will also receive a partial refund of the amount. 

Korean Air 24 Hour Cancellation Policy

As mentioned, the canceling of the ticket is daunting. It’s also very expensive because you need to pay between 70% and 80% of the total airfare as a cancellation charge. However, Korean Air won’t charge anything if you cancel your ticket within 24 hours after a flight booking. According to the Korean Air 24 Hour Cancellation Policy, a traveler doesn’t require paying anything if they cancel their flight in 24 hours after the book. 

Korean Air Flight Cancellation/Flight Change Fee

If you’re traveling to a domestic destination through the Korean Air, you’ll not require paying any change fee when you make when changing in your ticket booking. However, when it comes to international flights, Korean Air charges differently. The charges imposed depend on several factors. For instance, if you’re departing from Canada, you’ll need to pay CAD 30. If you’re departing from Indonesia, then you’ll need to pay IDR 350,000 for any change you make to your ticket booking.  

Above all, you’ll have to face a charge fee for both international and domestic flights if you’re applying for a refund. The fees will vary depending on the flights. In summary, the amount you’ll reserve will be subject to the criteria below:

  • If you request a refund more than 90 days from the date of departure, you’ll receive 100% of your ticket fare and no Korean Air cancellation fee deducted.
  • If you request a refund between 2 to 3 months from the date of departure, you’ll then receive 90% of your ticket fare, and a 10% fee will be deducted.
  • If the refund request is made 1 to 2 months from the date of departure, you’ll then get 80% of your ticket fare, and a 20% fee will be deducted.
  • Finally, if you request a refund less than a month from the date of departure, you’ll only receive 70% of your ticket fare and a 30% Korean Air cancellation fee will be deducted as per Korean Air flight cancellation refund policy.  

Please note that if you’re trying to cancel a flight for a group, the rules and regulations might be a little different. There are specific terms governing all Group Bookings and vary from one case to another. Any Group Booking refund request will be made as per the specific terms.

Frequently Asked Questions About Korean Air Cancellation Policy

Q1. How long does it take for mileage to expire after a refund owing to cancellation?

The validity period set during the first issue of award miles is going to apply for a refunded mileage. However, expired mileage at the moment of refund is going to be forfeited and mileage won’t be refunded.

Q2. Will I still be able to get a refund if I bought an award ticket though my schedule has been canceled?

If you apply for a refund either for all or portion of the itinerary, you’ll receive mileage for the unused parts. However, a processing fee will first be deducted.

Q3. Will I be charged to receive a refund for a set upgrade award cancellation?

If you apply for a refund for either part or your entire upgrade award, the mileage for unused portions will be refunded following a processing fee deduction. For the case of international flights, a refund of a fully unused upgrade award flight ticket will only be imputed once.

Q4. When I call the Customer Service, it takes too long before a representative receives my call. Why?

The COVID-19 has caused a huge increase in the number of flights being canceled or changed. However, we’re trying to have as many representatives as possible to work and help you.
It’s important for you to note that you can also request a flight ticket change or Korean Air flight cancellation with the service provider you initially booked with.

Q5. Can I be penalized for NO SHOW if I have an award ticket?

Yes. There’s a NO SHOW penalty charged for passengers who don’t board and haven’t canceled the reservation following the purchase of an award ticket. Additionally, a passenger will pay the NO SHOW penalty on top of the ticket reservation change and refund service fee.
Here, the NO SHOW penalty is treated the same as the NO SHOW penalty for normal tickets. Nevertheless, the NO SHOW penalty might vary depending upon the departure country. Please note that during the refund of an award ticket, your NO SHOW penalty will be deducted from the mileage.

Q6. If I bought an award ticket and then cancel it, will it be possible for me to get a refund of my mileage back? What if my mileage had previously expired? And that’s possible, when can I get a refund?

If you’ve requested a refund of your award ticket online, the mileage is going to refund within three to five business days. The mileage refunded is going to be available for you to use until the end of 2020. If you requested a refund through the Korean Air Service center or Korean Air office instead of online, you should get in touch with the service center.

Q7. How long should I wait for my ticket refund to process?

COVID-19 has taken a toll on all us. We have been experiencing a tremendous increase in requests for refunds. That explains why it has been taking so long to reach a representative when you call Customer Service. However, we are trying the best we can to have all your requests processed as quickly as we can by bringing all our available staff.

Korean Air Flight Cancellation Policy – Final Thought

Air understands that something can come up and you’re forced to cancel a flight you had already booked to and from the Republic of Korea. The airline, therefore, offers you the opportunity to cancel the flight or the reserved ticket and request for a refund. However, the cancellation process is subject to the Korean Air ticket cancellation policy.

When you understand the terms and conditions of the policy, it will be easy for you to get the refund either 100% or 70% of the ticket fare depending on the time of the refund request. This article has provided you with all you needed to know about the subject matter as a comprehensive guide on how to go about the process. If you still have any questions regarding what we have discussed above, feel free to get in touch with us and we will get back to you as quickly as possible. 

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