How To Cancel Aeroflot Ticket Online

Aeroflot airlines cancellation policy

Aeroflot Airlines is Russia’s largest and most popular airline, headquartered in Moscow, Russia. This airline boasts of a fleet size of 252 airplanes. Aeroflot Airlines covers 146 destinations across the world. Its services are high-quality and unmatched among other airlines of Russia. To avail the services, travelers do book flights with them and the booking process is done as per the Aeroflot Airlines booking policy, which is either done online or offline. Similarly, in the event that a passenger wishes to cancel their flight, the cancellation process will be carried out as per the Aeroflot Airlines cancellation policy. 

If you’re you need to cancel your flight on Aeroflot Airlines because you have realized that due to unavoidable circumstances you can’t proceed with the journey, you’ll need to know what the cancellation policy says so that the process can be as smooth as it should. In this article, we will discuss the 24 hour Aeroflot cancellation fee, refund policy, and everything else you need to know. 

Aeroflot Airlines Flight Cancellation Policy

  • Aeroflot Airlines provides the facility of canceling flight tickets online without a problem. 
  • Passengers can also request refunds online by easily filling in a refund request form available on the official website of Aeroflot Airlines.  
  • The refunds are only offered for the eligible flight tickets which happen to be canceled within the stipulated time as per the Aeroflot flight cancellation policy.
  • Aeroflot Airlines doesn’t offer refunds after the active period of the ticket has expired. 
  • Refund requests on Aeroflot Airlines may take time to process and can be issued within seven (7) to ten (10) working days.
  • If a passenger cancels their Aeroflot Airlines flight tickets because of any unavoidable reason and it’s Aeroflot Airlines’ responsibility, then the airline will compensate the passengers to enable them to book the next flight. 
  • That means that a passenger can cancel their flight tickets and have their ticket price refunded on Aeroflot Airlines. 

Aeroflot Airlines 24 hour cancellation Policy

  • In a bid to satisfy the situations and needs of its customers, Aeroflot Airlines introduced a 24 hours cancellation policy.
  • The airline offers more flexibility and lots of advantages to the passengers when it comes to managing their flight bookings.
  • According to the Aeroflot Airlines 24 Hour Cancellation Policy, travelers can have their flights that were booked within 24 hours canceled. Aeroflot Airlines provides a comprehensive refund of a passenger’s ticket price if the booking was procured at least one week before the date of departure of the Aeroflot Airlines flight.  
  • If the Aeroflot Airlines passenger cancels his or her flight a few hours before the departure of their flight and they booked the flight not more than one week before, then the airlines will request the passenger to pay a fee that depends on the Aeroflot Airlines fare rules. 

Aeroflot Airlines 24 Hour Cancellation Fee

Aeroflot Airlines prescribes a cancellation fee applied on both international and domestic flights. If you’re not familiar with the Aeroflot cancellation fee that affects the international flights, the following guidelines will enlighten you. 

  • Aeroflot 24 hour cancellation fee ranging from $100 to $500 will be applied if a passenger makes a flight cancellation request after 24 hours of booking for a risk-free cancellation.
  • Also, if a passenger cancels their Aeroflot Airlines flight ticket within 24 hours from the departure of the scheduled flight, then they will pay a fee ranging from $100 and $400 as an Aeroflot Airlines cancellation fee. 
  • For more information regarding the Aeroflot cancel booking policy, a passenger can easily contact Aeroflot Airlines through their ticket cancellation number +1-855-695-0028. The representatives are very competent and will, therefore, help you. 

Aeroflot Airlines Flight Cancellation Requirements

  • A passenger who wishes to have their flight tickets canceled must register the cancellation before the departure of the scheduled flight. 
  • The refund amount is going to be credited to the passenger’s registered account in 10 days after successful cancellation.
  • The refund request won’t be accepted in every case as per the Aeroflot Airlines cancellation and refund policies.
  • A refund may be provided after a deduction of a mandatory government tax by the Aeroflot Airlines Authority
  • Refunds are going to be granted to some particular class passengers within not more than 24 hours.

Aeroflot Airlines Refund Policy

  • Aeroflot Airlines is a reputable carrier that offers its customers the best air travel services, including discounts. 
  • As per the Aeroflot flight cancellation refund policy, if a passenger cancels their flight tickets 24 hours before the departure of the scheduled flight, then one stands a chance of getting a full refund.
  • When your flight is canceled or delayed, you have a right to compensation by the airlines.
  • If you find issues related to your flight, you can go to the Aeroflot Airlines official website and get answers.
  • You can also make a call to Aeroflot Airlines through their number and receive the assistance you want from the customer support team. 

How to Cancel Aeroflot Airlines Flight Ticket

If you booked your flight with Aeroflot Airlines but you now have an emergency meaning you can’t travel and need to do an Aeroflot cancel reservation, the airlines provide for the facility to cancel. You can do that in two ways – Online or Offline (Telephone or at the Airport). Either way, you’ll need to have your flight confirmation number with you ready to give to the Airlines’ executive to start the cancellation process. As soon as the Aeroflot Airlines cancellation process completes, you’ll be notified regarding the various options you have. 

Canceling Aeroflot Airlines Flight Ticket Online

Step One: 

Visit the official website of Aeroflot Airlines. Enter the correct login credentials to sign in to your account. If you don’t remember the correct credentials, click on the “Need help logging in” button available at the bottom right of your screen. 

There’s an option for “Remember Me?” where your login credentials can automatically be saved so that you won’t have to go through the trouble of remembering the details anytime you want to sign in. The option is particularly helpful if you’re a frequent flyer on Aeroflot Airlines. 

Step Two: 

If you don’t have an Aeroflot Airlines account yet, you can skip step one and head on to the Aeroflot Airlines cancellation page. Once you’re there, enter the right ticket confirmation number and your name. Click on the “Continue” button. Keep in mind that you have to enter the right name of the passenger who initially made the ticket booking, as per the Aeroflot Airlines cancellation policy. 

Step Three:

Click on the “Flight | Hotel | Car” tab found at the top of the page. The button will redirect you to a number of options/links. Click on the “Manage Aeroflot Airlines Reservations” link available in the “Flight” header. 

Step Four:

Click on the “Aeroflot Airlines Cancel Reservation” link. Once you do that, click on the “Manage Reservations”. That’s going to prompt another page to open, which gives you different options to choose from. Click on the “Aeroflot Airlines Cancel Reservation” button. 

Step Five: 

You’ll see three boxes pop up requesting you to enter the confirmation number, first and last name of the passenger. Do that and then, click “Continue”. 

  • Remember, as mentioned, you must enter the actual name that you provided during the flight reservation on Aeroflot Airlines. 
  • If you can’t find your ticket confirmation number, you can check on the history of your booking in your account on the Aeroflot Airlines website. 
  • It’s also possible to find the confirmation number in your email account that you used or provided during the flight ticket booking. 

Step Six:

You need to review your flight details on Aeroflot Airlines. If you reserved a round trip, you need to have the entire trip canceled. You’re not allowed to cancel just a single segment of the trip. However, if you booked a one-way flight ticket, then there will be no problem.

Step Seven:

You can also check the status of your refund by visiting the “Travel Funds” section on the Aeroflot Airlines website. It will help you whether your flight ticket amount is refundable or not. If it’s “refundable”, try checking the box adjacent to the “Request a Refund”. If it’s “non-refundable”, you’ll not receive any refund.

Step Eight: 

At the bottom of that page, you’ll get to see the “Cancel My Reservation?” option. Click the “Yes, Cancel” button and have the Aeroflot Airlines flight ticket canceled.  

How to Cancel your Aeroflot Airlines Flight Ticket Offline

Via Telephone

  • To cancel your Aeroflot Airlines flight ticket, you should dial the company’s flight reservation toll-free number +1-855-695-0028. You’ll get to speak to the Airlines’ customer care representative to whom you can ask any questions regarding your flight ticket cancellation fee, refund, and more. 
  • Inform the representative that you need to have your booked flight ticket canceled.
  • Check the options you have regarding your flight ticket refund. 

Cancel Flight Ticket at the Airport

  • To cancel your Aeroflot Airlines ticket, you’ll have to visit the airport where you plan to board your flight.
  • Once you’re there, go to the Aeroflot Airlines Airport Ticket Office (Aeroflot Airlines ATO).
  • You’ll have an opportunity to speak face-to-face with the airlines’ executive about the details of your flight ticket, cancellation, and refund. Your refund will get to be credited to the same credit card or debit card you used to make the payment. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What happens if you cancel your flight on Aeroflot Airlines?

• What happens when you cancel your Aeroflot Airlines ticket depends entirely on the type of fare you hold and whether the ticket is refundable or not.
• If you have a basic economy Aeroflot Airlines ticket, you’re not allowed to cancel your ticket and get a refund if the 24 hours grace period of your ticket booking has elapsed.
• If you hold a non-refundable flight ticket, you’ll be charged about $200 for domestic tickets and $200 to $500 as the Aeroflot cancellation fee, which will depend on how long the journal would have been.
• After that, you’ll get the remaining amount of your ticket price credited in the form of an E-credit to utilize on a future flight on Aeroflot Airlines.
• If you hold a refundable Aeroflot Airlines ticket, you’re free to cancel at any time as long as not before the flight departure and you’ll receive the refund with the original payment method.

Q2. What’s the Aeroflot Airlines 24 hour flight cancellation policy?

Passengers can cancel their flight tickets on Aeroflot Airlines within 24 hours as per the Aeroflot 24 hour cancellation policy. All passengers are allowed 24 hours from the actual booking time to have their tickets canceled in case the need arises. If a passenger cancels his or her flight within 24 hours of booking, they won’t be charged an Aeroflot Airlines cancellation fee for any fare type they selected.

Q3. How can I know if my flight ticket on Aeroflot Airlines is refundable?

You can easily check if your ticket is refundable or not by visiting the Aeroflot Airlines official website and entering the correct ticket number and the airlines will display the details regarding your flight ticket. Even if your flight ticket isn’t refundable, you can still cancel your itinerary and use the ticket value in a future flight on Aeroflot Airlines.

Q4. What happens if my Aeroflot Airlines flight is delayed for at least 2 hours?

All passengers are entitled to compensation for flights delayed by the Aeroflot Airlines and either the replacement flight has delayed the passenger’s arrival by at least 2 hours or a passenger’s flight got canceled less than 14 days before the flight departure.

Final Thought

We have discussed all you wanted to know about Aeroflot 24 hour cancellation, Aeroflot cancellation fee, and refund. So, in case you need to have your Aeroflot ticket canceled, you now know what to do and the rules you’ll need to follow as per the cancellation policy. To get further information regarding the policies, you can contact the customer support department. The airlines’ customer representative will offer all the assistance you need. You can use the contact number mentioned above or reach them through their official website.   

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