Eva Air Cancellation Policy

Eva Air cancellation policy

EVA Air Airlines is a popular and well-respected air service that operates in Taiwan. EVA is an acronym that stands for Evergreen Airways. The airline was founded in 1991 in Taipei. This air service began its operations in 1991 and has proven its worth over the years. Today, the airline flies to over 40 different destinations internationally.

You’ll love this; the airway offers a wide range of travel services online. For instance, a customer can fully book the ticket online, thanks to the different online payment methods. Similarly, a customer can cancel their ticket, for whatever reason and get a refund.

The exciting news is that the EVA Air cancellation policy is highly customer-friendly. Not to mention that refund processing is relatively fast and convenient. This well-researched article will enlighten you on the airline’s travel policies. You’ll love them to bits!

EVA Air Cancellation Policy

Customers need to familiarize themselves with the EVA Air ticket cancellation policy. A customer can cancel a ticket within 24 hours after booking. The important news is that such a customer won’t pay any EVA Air cancellation fee. Not to mention, that you become eligible for a full refund. However, which does not mean that if you fail to cancel within 24 hours, you lose your hard-earned money.

You’re free to cancel the ticket even after 24 hours, for whatever reason. However, you must cancel the ticket at least seven days before the set departure date. Please note that the airline will charge an EVA Air cancellation fee. Additionally, you must know that the airline only accepts cancellations on refundable air tickets. 

Usually, the airline charges a fixed cancellation fee of $100.You must note that EVA Air deducts this fee from the paid travel funds. Currently, there are two distinct ways of submitting your flight cancellation request to the support team. Firstly you may opt to directly phone the customer service to cancel the air ticket for you.

Alternatively, the EVA Air cancellation policy 24 hours allows a customer to cancel the flight online. All customers must note that the EVA Air cancellation policy only applies to EVA Air tickets. Thus, if you buy the air ticket via a travel agency, you receive no refund. Customers who had booked a flight to, or from the US, can cancel the ticket within seven days.

You’ll love this; such a customer is eligible for a full refund. Additionally, the client does not pay any EVA Air cancellation fee.

EVA Air Flight Cancellation Fee

As stated before, if a customer cancels an air ticket within 24 hours, they pay no EVA Air cancellation fee. However, if the client delays beyond a day, they’ll have to cough up a flight cancellation fee. At the moment, the cancellation fee, is set at $100. 

Please note that EVA Air deducts the fee from the paid booking fee, if applicable. Usually, a cancellation fee only applies to refundable tickets. If an air ticket is non-refundable, you pay no EVA Air cancellation fee as the airline rejects the cancellation request.

How to Cancel an EVA Air Ticket

As we’ve already mentioned, EVA Air cancellation policy provides two ways of canceling an air ticket. Firstly, the customer can submit the cancellation request online. All you need to do is to visit EVA Air’s official website.

The second option available is by phoning customer support. However, you’ll have to feed them with all the relevant flight details.

Below are the simple steps to follow to cancel the flight, online successfully

  1. Open a web browser of your choice.
  2. Visit evaair.com site
  3. Navigate the website to manage the flight booking option.
  4. Enter your ticket number in the empty field.
  5. Enter your full name in the required field and click on continue.
  6. strictly follow the prompts to cancel your air ticket successfully entirely. 
  7. Submit the flight cancellation request for processing.

If you bought your ticket, through a travel agency, breathe easy as there’s a way out. All you require to do is to contact the respective travel agency. The agency will first note down your details then cancel it for you. However, you must carefully note that some travel agency charges a flight cancellation fee.

Similarly, if you bought the ticket via another airline, worry not. You can contact the respective airline to cancel the flight for you. The exciting news is that most airlines nowadays allow customers to cancel a trip online.

EVA Air Refund Policy

EVA Air always refunds all eligible customers. However, you must note that the airline first makes any necessary deductions. Customers who cancel their flight within 24 hours are eligible for a full refund. Similarly, EVA Air cancellation policy dictates that customers who had booked the trip to or from the US, also get a full refund.

However, the customers must submit their cancellation request within seven days. Typically EVA Air usually credits the refund to the buyer’s credit card. Alternatively, the airline can also refund via direct deposit. The critical fact is that air service uses the same payment method to repay. 

Unknown to some customers, the airline charges a small refund fee. EVA Air deducts this fee from the booking fee, before they refund you. Kindly note that the airline takes between 7 to 10 business days to process any given refund fully. For this reason, if your refund delays beyond that duration, contact customer support.

No Show Policy

All airlines have a stringent no show policy. EVA Air has the most reasonable no show policy. If a customer fails to show up for a flight, the airline cancels your ticket. However, the unfortunate thing is that you cannot re-book. Therefore, there’s a high likelihood of losing your money.

However, if the customer notifies the airline in advance, you do not lose your travel funds. All you need to do is to book an alternative flight. The other available option is to request a refund.

EVA Air Contacts

How can one contact customer support? Don’t worry as there are different ways of reaching the customer service. Firstly, you’re at liberty to call EVA Air by calling customer service number. This also serves as an EVA Air cancellation phone number. The support team is reachable and any time of the day or night.

You can also contact us via Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Feel free to ask them any questions or express a complaint or compliment.

EVA Air-Final Thoughts

The mention of the name Evergreen Airways brings smiles upon potential passengers. The airline is known to offer impeccable services to customers. What’s more, the airway also has a customer-friendly EVA Air cancellation policy. That’s not all; you’ll immediately fall in love with the airline’s refund policy.

If a customer cancels the ticket within 24 hours, they’re eligible for a full refund. Additionally, the air service offers a wide range of travel services online. Therefore you can easily book or cancel a flight online. Not to add, that the airline charges very minimal charges, if applicable. These include the EVA Air cancellation fee as well as a refund fee.

Truly, EVA Air makes traveling fun-filled and money-worthy. Thanks for the superb services, keep it up!

FAQs Related To Eva Air Cancellation Policy

How will I know how much refund I am eligible to get?

The value of the refund usually depends on when you nullify the reservation. Technically, the EVA Airlines cancellation fee states that if a client revokes the booking within 24 hours, they’re eligible for a full refund. This policy implies that if you delay beyond 24 hours, you’ll have to pay an EVA Airlines cancellation fee. Consequently, you will only receive the final amount after the booking.

Can I obtain repayment for an expired EVA Airlines ticket?

No, you can’t! EVA Air cancellation policy 24 hours, states that the airline can only refund eligible customers. If you invalidate the booking after the expiry, you cease to be an eligible client. As a result, you stand no chance of receiving a refund.
Kindly ensure that you submit the flight cancellation request in time. This strategy will help you reduce the risk of losing your travel funds.

Can I receive repayment on behalf of an eligible client?

No, you can’t! EVA Air cancellation policy expects that the airline will refund the exact eligible client. That said, the airline may consider repaying the next of kin in the event of death. The airline’s refund policy dictates that the airline can only directly refund an eligible customer.

Can I book an EVA Airlines ticket online?

Yes, you can! Just the same way you can nullify a booking online, you can book one online. You’ll be happy to know that the airline offers online payment methods. For this reason, it is possible to complete a booking on the airline’s website successfully. EVA Air always sends email notifications for every successful booking.

If a family member falls ill, and I wish not to travel anymore, am I free to nullify a booking?

EVA Air cancellation policy 24 hours, respects your privacy a lot. Therefore, you do not have to provide a reason for the airline to nullify your booking. However, you must know that you must revoke the air ticket on time. Additionally, you must understand that an EVA Air cancellation fee may apply.
Please ensure that you adhere to the airline’s cancellation policy. You must also provide accurate flight details for smooth refund processing.

Can one check the status of the flight online?

Yes, you can! Any customer can quickly confirm the status of their flight online. All you need to do is to visit the airline’s official website. After that, click on the flight status option. However, ensure that you keep the flight details carefully. You’ll need to enter the ticket number to check the flight status.

How long does EVA Air take to process refunds?

EVA Air begins to process refunds soon after receiving a flight cancellation request. Typically, the airline takes between seven to ten business days to fully process a refund. However, customers must note that the airline uses different repayment methods.
If you had used a credit card to buy the air ticket, then EVA Air will refund the funds to your credit card. On the other hand, if you had directly deposited the booking, they’ll utilize the same method. In some cases, a refund may take longer to reflect in the customer’s account.

Which international destinations does EVA Air cover?

Today, EVA Air covers nearly seventy different international destinations. Some of these critical destinations include.
United States
United Arab Emirates

Can one book a flight through the EVA Air official website?

Yes, you can! The airline allows a customer to book both the ticket as well as the hotel. The beauty of booking the ticket via EVA Air is that you enjoy irresistible discounts. However, ensure that you jot down the details of the hotel you book.
The good news is that you even specify the details of the hotel that you want. Whether you wish more rooms to include your family, you’ll be sorted.

Does the airline allow a customer to change an EVA Air ticket?

Yes, they do! EVA Air has a very elaborate flight change policy. A customer is free to change a flight at least 3 hours to 360 before the departure date. However, please ensure that all the necessary modifications will only affect one booking. The fantastic news is that you can quickly cancel the ticket on your own.
You’ll be happy to know that EVA Air respects your privacy. For this reason, you don’t need to provide any reason for the flight modifications.

Does EVA Airlines Flight cancellation policy apply to third party air tickets?

No, it doesn’t! EVA Air cancellation policy only applies to the airline’s air ticket. For this reason, if you book a flight via a third party, you’re under their cancellation policy. For example, if you bought the air ticket via a travel agency, you’ll be under their flight cancellation policy.
Today, most third-party ticket vendors usually charge a flight cancellation fee. In some cases, some air tickets are non-cancelled.

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