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EasyJet is a British low-cost airline group. Its headquarter is at London Luton Airport. It operates both domestic and international scheduled services. Its services cover over 1,000 routes in more than 30 countries through its affiliate airlines EasyJet UK, EasyJet Europe, and EasyJet Switzerland. EasyJet has expanded continuously with time after its establishment in 1995. EasyJet company along with its associate companies operates more than 300 aircraft. 

EasyJet Airline Company limited offers budget-friendly trips. That is the reason why they got famous very easily and shortly. EasyJet purchased a 40% stake in Swiss charter airline tea Basle in 1998. Thus the airline started franchise services in 1999. With time, EasyJet purchased many airlines and included them in their franchise. Their rival airline ‘Go Fly’ was one of them. 

In the years between 1999 and 29917, EasyJet became a household name in the United Kingdom after the TV series ‘Airline’ was premiered. The series not only portrayed the airline in a positive light but also promoted it during that period. The airline never got fixed with a slogan. They changed and used several slogans over time, but never got fixed with a single slogan. Their present slogan is “this is generation EasyJet.” 

Easy Jet Cancellation Policy 

Travelling is always fun. When the prescheduled date of your flight comes near, your heart gets pounded with the upcoming joy of traveling. But it may not always be the same. What if you get busy with something else which is also far more important than traveling? Or something comes up in the schedule at the last moment that you can’t travel at the previously booked schedule. You have already booked your EasyJet flight ticket. And obviously, you can’t go back to the past now. So what to do? Can you cancel your booking now? Will you get a refund? Or will you still be charged? Will you have to pay any cancellation fees? 

Well, this very article here, is for you with answers to all these questions. Let’s start with the answer to the first question. Yes, you can cancel your EasyJet booking now. EasyJet cancellation policy allows you to do so. Here, we have discussed the main points of the EasyJet Cancellation policy. It will come handy one day. Don’t miss a word. 

  • EasyJet allows you to cancel your pre-booked flight tickets. 
  • Easy jet gives you the flexibility to make changes in your seat reservations. We will discuss it broadly afterward. 
  • You can get a refund for your cancellation, depending upon your eligibility. 
  • In some cases, you will have to pay a cancellation fee in order to proceed with the cancellation and refund process. 
  • And in some other cases, you will not have to pay any cancellation fees at all. 

We have discussed all these points broadly in the next paragraphs. Hopefully, you will get the answers to all your questions by the end of this article. 

EasyJet Cancellation Fee 

In some cases, you will be charged with cancellation fees to process the cancellation procedure. And in other cases, you won’t be charged with any cancellation fees at all. Let’s know them point by point. 

  • As per the EasyJet cancellation policy, you can cancel your flight tickets within 24 hours of booking. However, you will be charged the EasyJet cancellation fee. 
  • EasyJet will deduct the cancellation fee from your ticket value. You will get the rest of the ticket fare refunded to you. 
  • The EasyJet 24 hour cancellation policy states that you will be charged 30 Euros as a cancellation fee for online cancellations
  • However, the cancellation fee will rise to 35 Euros when you cancel your booking offline through their call center. 

EasyJet Ticket Cancellation Process

We have already discussed the EasyJet cancellation policy before. Here, we will discuss the steps on how you can cancel your EasyJet ticket online. 

  • Open browser on your mobile or PC. 
  • Visit the official website of EasyJet Airline. Here is the link- www.EasyJet.com 
  • Go to the ‘Manage Bookings’ section. Here you will be required to provide your details. 
  • Fill in your details here to log in. 
  • Select the flight reservation you want to cancel. 
  • After selecting, tap the ‘Cancel’ button. 
  • You will be guided then to pay the EasyJet cancellation fee. 
  • Choose a suitable payment method and pay the fee. 
  • Your ticket will be canceled successfully. 

EasyJet Cancellation Refund Policy 

EasyJet cancellation refund policy offers you to get refunded on your canceled reservations. You can avail yourself of a refund if you cancel your EasyJet flight ticket within the first 24 hours of booking. But if the cancellation procedure is requested after the 24 hour period, you will not be eligible to get a refund. 

But, there is another option you can follow to get something like a refund. It only applies if your cancellation cause is something emergency or a bereavement reason. You can contact the Customer Service Team of EasyJet in that case. If the cancellation cause is bereavement reasons or something emergency, they will understand the situation and are most likely to provide you with vouchers that are somewhat alike a refund. However, must to mention, the vouchers have deadlines. In most of the cases, you must utilize the vouchers within six months. 

Let’s learn about the EasyJet cancellation refund policy in a pointed manner. 

  • EasyJet refund policy states that their fares and fees are non-refundable; which means if you somehow cancel, miss, or don’t board your flight for any reason, you will not receive a refind. However, you may get a refund on the following conditions. 
  • If you cancel your booking within 24 hours of booking, you will get a refund equals to your ticket fare after the cancellation fee is deducted from it. 
  • The refund amount will vary in this case depending upon the fact by which you processed the cancellation request- online or offline, as the cancellation fee is different for them. 
  • If the reason behind your cancellation is a serious illness or family bereavement, there will be an exception in refunds even after 24 hours. 
  • In this case, the EasyJet team will review your case and if the situation qualifies, you will get a fee waiver or a flight voucher which you can use within the next six months. 
  • You can claim a full refund of Government Tax for the flight you haven’t take or missed. For that, you will have to contact EasyJet Customer Services Team. They will solve the issue shortly. 

EasyJet Cancellation Policy 24 Hours 

We have already discussed EasyJet 24 hours cancellation policy earlier in this article in short. Let’s clarify it here- 

  • You can cancel your scheduled flight anytime prior to the flight departure. 
  • In any case of cancellation, independent of the fact within 24 hours or not, you will be charged an amount as a cancellation fee. We have already mentioned the charges in previous paragraphs. 
  • If your cancellation of reservation is within 24 hours of booking, you will be eligible for a refund. However, the cancellation fee will be deducted from the refund amount. 
  • If your cancellation exceeds the period of 24 hours, you can still request for cancellation but won’t be eligible for a refund.

FAQs Related To Easyjet Cancellation Policy

What is EasyJet Cancellation Policy?

Being a budget-friendly airline, EasyJet made trips easier. To make their offers more catchy, they have some regulations regarding cancellation. However, EasyJet offers cancellation of bookings before scheduled flights. They also give you the flexibility to change your seat reservation.

How to cancel EasyJet flight tickets offline?

It is very easy to cancel your flight reservation offline. Just contact the EasyJet Customer Service. The EasyJet agents are very helpful. They will guide you through the offline cancellation procedure without any hesitation.

How can you make changes to your booking?

EasyJet offers you the flexibility to make changes to your booking. Here are the steps to follow to make changes to your booking-
Step 1: Open browser on your mobile or PC.
Step 2: Visit the official website of EasyJet Airline. This is the link to the official website- www.EasyJet.com
Step 3: Log in to your booking account.
Step 4: Go to the ‘Manage Booking’ option.
Step 5: Here you will find the options to make changes or modify your seat, dates. You can change your name as well.
Step 6: Fill in the flight booking reference number and also your surname to change your booking.
Step 7: Now, select the flight you want to modify or make change.
Step 8: Tap the ‘Change’ button.
Step 9: Make intended changes to your booking.
Step 10: Pay the applicable charges, if any required.
Step 11: After the process is complete, you will receive a confirmation message as well as the new details of the booking.

What to know about EasyJet flight delays and compensation?

EasyJet cancellation policy protects passenger privileges anytime an airline cancels or delays the flight. Changes in flight schedules can arise in the case of organizational difficulties, political issues and strikes, adverse weather conditions, health and safety reasons, etc. The flexibility to take another EasyJet flight to the same destination may be granted. You can also get a refund, as an option. You may even be provided overnight accommodation and compensation as part of EasyJet’s 24-hour cancelation policy, depending on the type of circumstance.
Besides that, there are also some other terms under which the reservation can be canceled. You may be refused boarding if you fail to show the identification and travel documentation required to board the flight or if there are medical problems, special assistance, and safety concerns or even if the conduct is not in compliance with the legislation. If your age is below 16 and you want to fly alone, your reservation will also be canceled.
You may not be given any refund or allowance for EasyJet cancellation payments in these situations.

How can I get a full refund?

Technically you cannot get a full refund for cancellation. Because, when you process for cancellation within 24 hours, only then a refund is eligible. But also in this refund, the cancellation fee will be deducted and you will get the remaining fare.

What is the EasyJet cancellation fee?

★ EasyJet cancellation fee for online is 30 Euros.
★ For offline cancellation, the EasyJet cancellation fee is 35 Euros.

Where to contact for any questions regarding cancellations and others?

You can contact anytime with the Customer Service Team of EasyJet Airline online on the website. Or, you can simply dial +1-855-695-0028. The Customer Service Team is very helpful and they will understand your situation very easily. That is to say, for any help, you can contact EasyJet Customer Service Team anytime.

In which currency will I get a refund?

For transparency, the refund amount is processed in the same currency you paid for the booking.

How long does EasyJet take to process your refund?

When you cancel your previously scheduled booking, you will receive an email from EasyJet. It will include that the refund will take 15 to 20 working days to be processed.

If I made a booking but have not received a booking reference or booking confirmation, what can I do?

If you have made a booking but have not received a booking reference or booking confirmation, you are suggested to contact EasyJet. Their Customer Service Team is very good at their work and also very helpful at the same time. Feel free to contact them anytime you face any problem or feel necessary to contact them. You can also call the hotline number: 1-855-948-3805

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