Copa Airlines Cancellation Policy

Copa airlines cancellation policy

Copa Airlines is a Panama flag carrier and provider of air travel services. The airline is based in Panama City and its main hub is Tocumen International Airport. Copa Airlines provides both domestic and international flight services to its customers and offers special products and features for the passengers. The airline is responsible for providing you with proper help and assistance in the booking of flights online without encountering any issues. However, if you encounter any trouble while booking or canceling flights online, you’ll need to visit their website for special support to be able to manage your flights. Sometimes, something may come up and you require canceling your flight and requesting a refund. The process may not be easy for you if you’re not familiar with the Copa Airlines cancellation policy.

For that reason, we will tell you everything you want to know about the Copa cancellation and how you can request a refund for your ticket. We will also have a look at the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) to try to respond to any questions you might be having regarding the cancellation and refund policies. 

Copa Airlines Cancellation Policy

Before you proceed with canceling your flight, there are some important details you should keep in mind for the Copa Airlines Cancellation Fee. According to the Copa Airlines cancellation policy, you’ll have to pay an amount if you bought non-refundable tickets and get some help instantly. Once you do the task, choose the refund request available at the end of your task. 

Copa Airlines Cancellation Policy 24 Hours 

Copa Airlines offers its customers a facility to be able to hold booked ticket payment for 24 hours. The amount charged for the ticket and the reserved seat will be held for 24 hours and one can pay after the end of the duration. However, any changes created during this period can impact the price of the ticket.

  • If you, as the passenger, want a full refund, then you’ll be eligible only if you have canceled your flight within 24 hours after the purchase of the ticket.
  • If you cancel the ticket within 7 days after the travel, then you’ll not be entitled to any refund.
  • If you have crossed the 24 hours flight cancellation limit, then you can still cancel your flight but will be required to pay for the Copa Airlines Cancellation Fee. This flight canceling fee depends on many different factors such as destination, how many tickets canceled, etc.
  • To check the status of your refund and have your flight canceled, you just need to choose the “Manage my Booking” option on the Copa Airlines’ official website.

Copa Air Cancellation Policy and Refund Policy

You should understand clearly that when you are booking a flight, it’s important for you to note the Airline’s policy to easily manage your flight. It may be clear that the ticket you might have purchased may or may not be refundable. That takes place because everything is subject to the fare rules and regulations applying to the tickets. Thus, if the ticket you purchase is refundable, you can easily receive your money back without having to pay any penalty fee specified in the Copa Airlines Cancellation Policy.

  • Copa Airlines provides refunds to customers for optional services and tickets and you send the request along with any needed documentation to the airline.
  • Optional services or products are non-refundable. However, there are some exceptions as per the product T&C
  • The request for a refund is dependent on the rules fairly set regarding the purchase of the ticket. Fully utilized tickets aren’t refundable.  
  • If your ticket is non-refundable you might utilize it as a payment method for a fresh ticket, which has to bear the name of the same passenger as was indicated originally. Partially utilized tickets might or might be non-refundable. That depends on the fare rules governing the purchase airfare. 
  • Specific fees may apply: Tickets will be refunded only within the country in which the actual sale was done. The refund is going to be issued in the same payment and currency form as the ticket purchase.  
  • Refund might be requested within the period of ticket validity only
  • Ticket refunds might have a few feel applied based on fare rules. However, country and airport taxes that fail to qualify for refund won’t be included.  
  • In the case of the passenger’s death, the refund is going to be given based on the current policy of Copa Airlines. In every case, it’s important to present the death certificate copy of the passenger entitled to the ticket refund. 
  • If there’s an illness, you’ll be requested to present a letter from a physician on a letterhead that states that your travel is not to proceed. Then the refund is going to be granted as per the current policy of the Copa Airlines Cancellation and the Refund Policy. 
  • All refunds will be processed back to the initial means of payment
  • Admin agency feels won’t be included within the amount of the refund
  • Tickets bought through agencies with travel agency credit cards or with cash: the airline will approve any refund request for a ticket that is eligible but payment is going to be granted directly to the customer by the travel agent. 


With Copa Airlines’ waiver conditions, customers can cancel their reservation and utilize their ticket value for a trip in the future for free till 31st December 2021 in the very same cabin. What you need to do is get in touch with the support when you’re ready to travel. For partially used, groups, and redemption tickets holders, you can also contact support for assistance.

Refund of Ticket and Optional Services

Copa Airlines offers prompt refunds for all tickets and optional services that are eligible after you make a request. However, you have to accompany the request with the required documents and the process will start as soon as thy request and documentation are received by the Copa Airline. When the refund is due, it will be promptly provided in the actual payment form. But applicable cancellation fees may be deducted. 

Some optional services and products fees are non-refundable but, as a customer, you have a right to receive prompt refunds of any fees that are charged for optional services which you were unable to utilize because of a flight cancellation or overbooking. So, how do you go about requesting a refund? Well, you ought to visit the place at which you bought the ticket.  

  • If you bought your ticket at an agency, you ought to go there and request your refund
  • If you bought the ticket online, you should go to the Copa Airlines official website and request for a refund.  
  • And if you bought the ticket at the Sales Office, then you ought to go there and make your request

Tickets can be refunded only in the country in which the actual sale took place. The ticket refund is going to be issued in the same payment form and currency as it was purchased. Also, refunds, including those of fees you’re charged for any optional services that you were unable to utilize because of a flight cancellation or overbooking will promptly be made for purchases made using a credit card to the account of the credit card. Refunds will be made within twenty days after the airline gets your request for a refund for check and cash purchases. You must remember to cancel your reservation before making a refund request.  

Notifications for Cancellations Delays and Diversions

Copa Airlines is dedicated to ensuring that all of its flights operate on time. However, big events might lead to situations that affect the usual operation of the airline’s scheduled flights. The situations might result in flights delaying for at least 30 minutes, diversions, or cancellations. Copa Airlines provides updates within 30 minutes following the occurrence of such changes and other updates periodically concerning non-regular situations.  

When your plans change and you realize that you can no longer proceed with the trip, you might be entitled to receive a refund. Copa Airlines refund processing time is longer than it usually is due to increased requests volume. The company processes refund requests as they are received which explains why yours might take some time depending on when it was received. Also, the refunded value is going to be reflected when you receive up to 2 bank account statements, which of course depends on the billing cycle of your bank.

FAQ’s Related To Copa Airlines Cancellation Policy

Q1. Can my ticket be refunded?

Your ticket might be refundable or non-refundable, which depends on the fare rules applying to the ticket. These fare rules specify if or not your ticket is to be refunded and any amount that’s going to be deducted after the issuing of the refund. If the ticket can be refunded, the penalty fee stated in the airfare rules is going to be deducted first and the balance is refunded.
If the ticket isn’t refundable, you might utilize it to pay a new ticket. If you’re not going to utilize your ticket, the refund is going to be restricted to the charges you have cleared, including the applicable airport fees and taxes. There are a few country-specific taxes that aren’t refundable. If a ticket hasn’t been utilized, you’ll be granted the full amount you paid, less:
• The penalty amount specified within the airfare rules
• Any non-refundable taxes

Q2. To whom is the refund issued?

The refund is going to be issued to the passenger who purchased the ticket, after the satisfactory proof of the payment, that is, a credit card statement or receipt has to be presented.
In the event of the death of the passenger, the refund is going to be granted to a close family member. However, a certificate of death of the customer or passenger holding the ticket has to be provided.
In case of an illness of the passenger and the refund is requested, one will need to produce a physician’s letter with an official letterhead must be presented, explaining that the passenger can’t proceed with the trip at the moment.
If a refund is being requested as a result of the illness or death of a close family member, the letter has to state the name of the family member and the relationship they have with the customer. Spouses or partners, children, including any adopted children, as well as parents are all considered close family members.

Q3. When can I make a refund request?

You may request for refunds for only tickets that are still within the validity period. No refunds can be requested once the valid period has expired or expiration date has passed. If you’re not certain whether the ticket is expired or not, you can easily get in touch with Copa Airlines’ support for assistance.

Q4. How do I request a refund?

Requesting a refund is going to depend on where you purchased your ticket.
• If you purchased your ticket via a travel agency, you’ll require contacting the agency to have your ticket refunded.
• If you purchased the ticket at one of the Copa Airlines Sales Offices, you’ll need to get in touch with that particular office.
• If you purchased the ticket online, or via the Reservation Center, you’ll get help on the airline’s official website.
Tickets refunds are granted only within the country in which the ticket was bought. The refund is going to be issued with the same method of payment and in the same currency that was utilized to buy the ticket.

Q5. How much time is needed for a refund to process?

The time needed to have the refund request proceed will depend on the method of payment that was utilized to pay for the ticket.
If the passenger purchased the ticket with a credit card: your refund will reflect on one of the subsequent two statements of the credit card once the refund has been requested. Also, the timing is going to depend on the credit card billing cycle of your company.
If the passenger purchased the ticket with a check or cash: your refund is going to be processed within twenty (20) days after the Airlines have received your refund request.

Q6. Can I make a refund request if I was incorrectly double-charged for taxes, penalty-fee, or other charges?

If you get double-charged for a penalty-fee or tax for any reason, you’re eligible for requesting a refund. However, you’ll need to present a proof of payment for the double-charge.

Q7. What’s the Copa Airlines refund policy in case an airplane has developed mechanical issues before departure or in the event of other problems on the airline’s side?

In case there’s a travel interruption from the side of Copa Airlines (interruptions such as airplane mechanical issues, maintenance requirements, and logistical issues with equipment, etc.), you’re entitled to request a refund either partial or full, as applicable. That type of ticket refund is called an involuntary refund.
Also, you may request an involuntary refund in case the airfare rules specify that the ticket you’re holding is non-refundable. In either case, no penalty is applicable.

Final Thought – Copa Airlines Cancellation Policy

Things happen and sometimes we have no control. If you’re forced to cancel your scheduled flight with Copa Airlines, the process will be easier if you’re familiar with the Copa Airlines cancellation policy. This article was meant to help you understand what the Copa cancellation policy says and how not only to cancel your ticket successfully but also to request a refund. So, you can now act accordingly and cancel your flight if the need arises.
The above FAQ section presents the content of this article at a glance. If you have any other questions, feel free to get in touch with Copa Airlines customer support any time of the day (24/7) and they will be happy to help. You must keep yourself up-to-date with the cancellation fee, Copa air cancellation policy, or refund policy.

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