British Airways Cancellation Policy

British Airways cancellation policy

British Airways is the largest air travel services provider in the United Kingdom with its headquarters at Waterside, United Kingdom. The Airways boasts a fleet size of 279 airplanes. British Airways offers world-class flight services to over 180 destinations throughout the world. It also provides several online services like online check-in, British Airways flight ticket cancellation, and refund. 

If you happen to get into a situation where you must cancel the flight ticket that you booked earlier with British Airways, you would need to obey the airlines’ cancellation procedure. As mentioned you can have your ticket canceled through their website. However, before you initiate the process of ticket cancellation, it’s imperative that you get yourself familiarized with the British Airways Cancellation Policy. The policy is explained below. 

British Airways Cancellation Policy

  1. As per the British Airways 24 hour cancellation policy, a flight cancellation is going to be done only if the flight ticket reservation was confirmed and received by the traveler.
  2. If the passenger books a flight ticket on British Airways and later on requires having it canceled due to unavoidable occurrences, then, the flight cancellation is going to happen as stipulated in the British Airways Cancellation Policy. 
  3. In case the passenger reserves a flight and gets a need to cancel it within 24 hours of booking, then the passenger is eligible to get a full refund upon the flight cancellation.
  4. A passenger can call into the customer service department to have their flight ticket canceled. The passenger should provide their booking reference number and the last name. 
  5. Upon canceling a flight after 24 hours of booking, the passenger may face the cancellation fee that might vary depending on the different flights as per the British Airways 24 hour cancellation policy. The flight cancellation fees are going to be calculated according to the British Airways’ fare rules. If there’s an extra fee applicable, then, the passenger will need to pay the fee during the cancellation policy.  
  6. If the passenger happened to procure their flight tickets via a travel agent, then they are needed to get in touch with the particular agent to have their flights canceled if they need to. 
  7. Generally, the passenger can make changes, including cancellations to their flight tickets by simply to the British Airways website and navigating to the “Manage My Booking” option found on the website. 

British Airways Cancellation Fee

  • British Airways won’t charge any fee from the passenger if they cancel their flight tickets with the stipulated time.
  • Following 24 hours of booking, a passenger needs to pay $125 for domestic flights and $450 for some international flights as British Airways cancellation fee.
  • If a passenger books their ticket in America Airlines, the British Airways’ business partner, they don’t require paying any cancellation fee if they have purchased add-ons.
  • The flight cancellation fee depends on the ticket cancellation duration by taking into consideration the time of flight departure.  

British Airways Cancellation Contact Number

  • It’s easy for a passenger to have their flight tickets canceled online. However, in case the passenger faces any issues, they can dial the British Airways cancellation contact number +1-855-695-0028.
  • Calling in the British Airways customer care through the number can help in saving time and have the flight ticket canceled correctly. 

British Airways Business Class Cancellation Policy

  • British Airways cancellation policy is affected by several factors, including fare, class, routes, etc. 
  • If a passenger books a ticket in the British Airways Business Class, the passenger requires reading the T&C briefly.
  • The British Airways Business Class Cancellation Policy is slightly different from other class cancellation policies. 
  • A passenger will require paying a little bit more on the cancellation fee since the fare is more for Business Class as compared to other classes. 

British Airways Flight Cancellation Compensation

  • A passenger will get compensated by British Airways if their flights are delayed or canceled and it’s the responsibility of the Airways.
  • If a passenger’s flight is delayed for at least 3 hours, the passenger has the right to claim their compensation amounting to €600 according to the European Union air passenger act. 
  • If a passenger’s flight is delayed for 2 hours, the passenger will receive free refreshments drinks and meals as complimentary.
  • If their flight gets canceled owing to natural calamities or disasters, then the passenger isn’t eligible for any compensation by the Airways.  

British Airways Refund Policy

A passenger might be entitled to receive a refund for a ticket not utilized at all or that partially traveled ticket as per the fare type of the flight ticket they procured.

  • British Airways can process refunds through their official website.
  • A passenger can claim a refund if the airplane the passenger was to travel in has been changed by British Airways, or in case the right amount is paid. The passenger can also claim a refund if they don’t want to pay the difference amount required for choosing the seat. 
  • In case the flight is canceled and rescheduled within 48 hours of the scheduled departure, an automatic refund is going to be applied to for the passenger as per the British Airways refund policy. 

British Airways Policy affecting Cancelled Flights

  • British Airways is reputable for providing timely services to its customers and ensuring that the customers get to their various destinations on time. Unfortunately, flight cancellations or delays might sometimes take place due to some unforeseen and unavoidable circumstances. For that reason, British Airways cancellation policy and refund policy come into play. The policies are very easy for everyone to understand.
  • If flight ticket cancellation happens because of British Airways, in that case, the airways will provide a set inside another British Airways flight and the passenger won’t pay any charges. However, the passenger can, at this moment, change the flight date and time to suit their convenience. 
  • If a passenger doesn’t wish to proceed with their journey on the re-scheduled flight, they can claim a full refund of their ticket price including taxes towards their original payment method. 
  • If the passenger’s reservation included a connecting British Airways flight, then the passenger receives an option to have the non-canceled flight changed at the same time. 
  • If the passenger is eligible for a refund, the British Airways is going to refund the passenger directly to their original mode of payment. 

British Airways Flexible Flight Tickets Refund Policy

  • If a passenger holds a British Airways flexible ticket, it’s easy to get a refund. 
  • The flexible flight ticket allows the passenger to cancel their ticket anytime within 24 hours before the departure of the scheduled flight and receive a refund without meeting any cancellation charges.
  • The flexible tickets are more expensive than non-flexible tickets on British Airways. That’s due to the option of getting refunds anytime without any cancellation fee. 
  • Passengers are eligible to receive full refunds. The British Airways Business Class Cancellation Policy falls under the flexible flight ticket refund policy. 

Holiday Cancellation Policy on British Airways

  • When a passenger reserves a holiday ticket on the British Airways, they are supposed to follow its T&C regarding the refund and cancellation as well.
  • For the passenger to change or cancel their holiday ticket, they require contacting the local British Airways customer service. That’s because no modification to the holiday ticket/package can be made online.
  • If the passenger wants to cancel a single ticket from their package, then they will get a refund of the amount of the single ticket following the deduction of the applicable cancellation fee for that particular ticket.
  • If the passenger wishes to lessen the days of their holiday package, then they may not qualify to do so. The passenger requires calling the customer care number to check whether they are eligible to change your package plan.
  • If the passenger qualifies to make changes to their plan, then they will need to pay any additional amount to cater for the change fee spent by the delivery of services like cars, hotels, etc. 
  • British Airways might charge an amendment or cancellation or change fee as applicable depending on the fare procured. 

Avios Cancellation Policy on British Airways

Avios happens to be the reward points which a passenger can collect when they become members of the British Airways Executive Club. A passenger gets reward points when they fly with British Airways or the partner airlines or even when they rent a car, book a holiday or hotel or avail any services offered by the British Airways or its business partners. The passenger can spend the points they earn to procure flight tickets, car rentals, upgrade their fare, purchase hotel stays, and holiday plans among other services.

However, the passenger may require canceling their Avios reservations because of some unavoidable reasons. Thus, below are the details of the British Airways Avios cancellation policy:

  • The Avios cancellation fees depend upon the region of the passenger’s departure
  • If the passenger’s departure is from the European region, then they require paying EUR 42.50 as Avios cancellation fee.
  • The passenger has to pay an extra EUR 15 as a service fee in case they need to make any change or cancellation.
  • If the passenger is departing from the US, then they will need to pay USD 55 and an extra USD 25 as a service fee.
  • Service and bookings fees are charged per individual per ticket

Canceling British Airways Flight Tickets 

A passenger can cancel British Airways tickets using several methods. If the passenger is experiencing issues having the ticket canceled online, they can call the British Airways ticket cancellation number to have the team cancel the ticket on their behalf. A passenger can also cancel tickets via their mobile, by going to the ticket office or at the airport. Earlier flight cancellation from departure may lead to the passenger paying less cancellation fee, which can help in saving more money. 

If the passenger wishes to cancel their flight ticket online, they should follow the following simple steps:

  1. The passenger should open their favorite web browser and head on to the British Airways Official website
  2. Navigate to “Manage my accounts
  3. Click “View all Booking
  4. Search the particular flight they wish to cancel
  5. Click “Manage my booking
  6. Scroll down and click “Cancel” 
  7. Carefully go through the consent page
  8. Click “Continue
  9. Confirm their identity and review their selection
  10. Calculate the amount to be refunded and submit the selection

FAQs Related To British Airways Cancellation

Q1. How much does it cost a passenger to change his or her canceled flight?

There’s no fee imposed on changing bookings with a canceled ticket. Any additional changes are going to be as per the conditions of the original booking.

Q2. Can a Passenger change other tickets in their booking and the canceled flights?

Yes. A Passenger can change their flights in the same booking if they so wish. Changes made to any other booking, having different booking references, are going to be subject to the T&C affecting that booking.

Q3. Can a Passenger cancel and refund their ticket if their flights are canceled?

Yes. Though not in all cases, a passenger will be in a position to do that online up to 24 hours before the original departure time. After that point, refunds have to be done offline. Refunds have to be done as soon as the passenger can. Note that the passenger doesn’t receive back the original service fee. For further information regarding the same, a passenger can call the British Airways cancellation contact number to speak to a representative.

Q4. If a passenger has re-booked their canceled flight, how can they check-in?

To check-in after rebooking a canceled flight, the passenger needs to go to “Manage My Booking” on the British Airways official website, and there they will get all the details.

Q5. Can Passengers upgrade their seats if their flights have been canceled?

A passenger can’t upgrade when changing their canceled flight. After they have made the changes, upgrades are going to be subject to the original T&Cs.

Q6. What happens to a passenger’s non-flight products when their booking is canceled?

Non-flight bookings (cars, hotels, transfers, and tours) won’t automatically get canceled upon the cancellation of a flight. Any changes to a passenger’s flight also don’t change any of these non-flight products, even when they were booked all at once as the flight. The passenger should be their original booking agent for any important changes.

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