Alitalia Ticket Cancellation Policy

Alitalia airway is a sizable airline that operates in Italy. This beautiful airline was founded in 1946. This Italian airline has two significant hubs located in Rome, while the other is in Milan. Unknown to some people, the Italian government wholly owns this well-respected airline. Currently, the airline focuses on four key cities. These are Naples, Palermo, Catania, and Milan Malpensa.

Alitalia Ticket Cancellation Policy

The good news is that the airline offers a wide range of services virtually. For instance, a customer can book an air ticket online. Similarly, customers are free to cancel the flight for whatever reason. For this reason, you ought to familiarize yourself with an Alitalia flight cancellation compensation policy.

This detailed write-up will enlighten you on the Alitalia ticket cancellation policy. That’s not all; you’ll equally learn how to cancel your ticket. Additionally, the article will also shed some light on Alitalia’s refund policy.

Alitalia Flight Cancellation Policy

Every customer ought to fully understand Alitalia 24 hour cancellation policy. A customer is at liberty to cancel the ticket within 24 hours. The exciting news is that such a customer is eligible for a full refund. What’s more, the client will also not pay any Alitalia cancellation fee. That does not suggest that other customers do not receive their refund.

If a customer cancels the flight after 24 hours, they will receive a refund. However, the reality is that you will have to cough up an Alitalia cancellation fee. Kindly note that the cancellation policy provides two ways of submitting a cancellation request.

Firstly, a customer can submit the flight cancellation request online. All you’ll need to do is to visit Alitalia’s official website. Alternatively, you can contact the customer support to cancel the flight for you. Please ensure that you provide them with all the necessary flight details.

The beauty of Alitalia Airlines is that it respects customer’s privacy. For this reason, a client ought not to offer any reason for flight cancellation. Alitalia’s 24-hour cancellation policy expects the airline to honor customer’s privacy. Kindly note that the cancellation policy only applies to Alitalia air tickets.

Therefore, if you buy an air ticket via a travel agency, you’re subject to their cancellation policy. The best way to cancel an air ticket is to contact a travel agent to cancel your booking. The exciting news is that some agencies allow customers to cancel a reservation online. 

You’ll love this; Alitalia Airlines allows customers to re-book. Therefore, you can use the travel funds to re-book after a flight cancellation.

Alitalia Cancellation fee

As hinted above, customers who cancel the ticket within 24 hours pay no penalty fee. On the other hand, if a customer cancels later, they must foot an Alitalia cancellation fee. You must know that the amount is not fixed. Instead, it relies on underlying factors such as the value of the booking fee, as well as, the destination. 

Please note that the airline deducts the amount from the paid booking fee. Therefore, you get the final amount after all the relevant deductions.

How to cancel an Alitalia air ticket

You need to know the Alitalia ticket cancellation policy. Currently, the airline provides two basic ways of canceling an air ticket. Firstly, one can cancel the air ticket on their own. All you need to do is to visit the airline’s official website. Alternatively, you may opt to phone the support team directly. 

Alitalia Refund Policy

If you wish to request a refund, ensure that you fully understand the Alitalia Airlines return policy. If a customer requests a refund within 24 hours after booking, they get a full refund. On the other hand, if a customer delays beyond a day, they do not receive a full refund.

Remember that the airline deducts charges such as the Alitalia cancellation fee as well as a refund fee. At the moment, the airline charges a refund fee of $20.Usually, the airline deducts this charge from the paid booking fee. The airline deducts the amount in the same currency the customer used during booking.

The customer must note that Alitalia pays the exact person who booked a flight. Additionally, the air service refunds the customer in the same currency; they used to book a trip. Usually, refund processing takes between 7 to 14 business days. However, the repayment might delay, especially if they make it to a credit card.


Alitalia Airlines is one of the most time-conscious airways you’ll ever meet. Customers must stick to the agreed-upon departure time. Adherence to the departure time helps the airline to avoid unnecessary delays. However, in some cases, a natural disaster may necessitate a flight cancellation

The good news is that the airline compensates customers for unjustified delays or cancellation. However, clients must know that the airline only repays eligible people. Therefore, if the delayed flight does not affect you, then you receive no repayment.

No Show Policy

Just like other ordinary airlines, Alitalia Airlines has a very elaborate, no show policy. Customers must stick to the stipulated departure time. Therefore, if a customer comes late for the flight, they do not board. Similarly, if one fails to complete the check-in process, the airline cancels their trip. 

Please know that if you miss a flight, you risk paying a no show fee. The unfortunate reality is that you won’t be allowed to re-book. The only available option is to request a refund.

Alitalia Contacts

Do you have any questions or compliments? Don’t worry as you can quickly reach our customer service. Our customer care is always more than ready and willing to address any client concerns. Feel free to call 800 223 5730. You can send us an email on [email protected].

You can also reach us, via our social media platforms. We’re currently on Facebook, Twitter as well as Instagram, to mention but just a few. We usually respond to our esteemed customers within 24 hours.

Alitalia Airlines Cancellation – Final Thoughts

Most people wonder why thousands of customers love Alitalia Airlines. Well, different reasons make the airline the best in the industry. Firstly, you’ll fall in love with the Alitalia flight cancellation compensation policy. Not to mention, that the airline charges a minimal cancellation fee. 

That’s not all; you must have heard about Alitalia 24 hour cancellation policy. If a customer cancels a flight within 24 hours, they receive a full refund. The airline is highly time-conscious; they rarely inconvenience any client. Additionally, the airline offers a wide range of services online.

Technically, you can easily book a flight online from the comfort of your couch. You’ll be happy to know that the airline flies to multiple destinations. Anyone who has ever tasted Alitalia travel services always leaves excellent feedback. What a fantastic airline, Alitalia Airlines, is!

FAQ’s Related To Alitalia Ticket Cancellation

If a family member becomes sick and cancels the booking, will I get a refund?

Yes, you will! Technically, the Alitalia ticket cancellation policy expects the airline to refund all eligible clients. Additionally, the policy respects customer’s privacy; you don’t need to provide a reason for invalidating your flight. However, you must know that the airline only recognizes valid air tickets. Therefore, if your air ticket is invalid, you will not receive any repayment.

Can I monitor the status of my refund?

Yes, you can! It is essential to monitor the refund as it’s your right to get it. Monitoring is especially critical to detect any problem in advance. At the moment, you can only contact customer service to get an update. Unfortunately, you cannot monitor the status of your refund processing online.

If I cancel an air ticket, will I have to pay a cancellation fee?

Yes, they do! Alitalia ticket cancellation policy is unambiguous on service charges. Technically, if a customer cancels the ticket within 24 hours, they pay no Alitalia cancellation fee. On the other hand, if one nullifies the air ticket after a day, they must pay up a flight cancellation fee.
Usually, the airline deducts this amount from the already paid booking fee. Additionally, the airline deducts the amount in the exact currency the client used.

If I choose to request a refund, will the airline charge me a refund fee?

Alitalia Airlines is among the airlines that charge a small refund fee. Currently, the airline charges a refund fee of $20.The airline deducts this amount from the paid airfare. You must know that only customers who cancel the ticket after 24 hours pay for this travel fee.

If I decide to nullify the booking, what procedure should I follow?

Alitalia airline cancellation policy provides two ways of canceling an air ticket. Firstly, a customer can directly call customer support for cancellation assistance. The customer service will first jot down your flight details. After that, they’ll process your flight cancellation request.
The second option is to fill in a flight cancellation form online. Any client can easily access this form from the airline’s official website.

Can a customer book a flight on Alitalia’s official website?

Yes, you can! As already mentioned, the airline allows a customer to book a flight online. However, ensure that you fill out the booking form. The good news is that the airline has different online payment methods. The most common payment method option is credit cards.
Typically once you book a flight successfully, you’ll receive a notification. Alitalia Airlines will immediately email you the flight book confirmation. Please keep those details well for future reference.

If I nullify an invalid air ticket, will I get a refund?

No, you won’t! Alitalia Airlines cancellation policy only allows the repayment of a valid air ticket. Therefore, if you nullify an air ticket after the expiration date, you may not receive a refund. An air ticket is only valid for a few days before the set expiry date. For this reason, please ensure that you adhere to the cancellation policy; to prevent losing your money.

What are some of the international destinations that Alitalia Airlines cover?

Today, Alitalia Airlines covers a total of 88 popular international destinations. Some of these beautiful destinations include;

Does Alitalia Airlines offer compensation?

Yes, they do! Frequently, Alitalia Airlines encourages customers to stick to the set departure time. For this reason, the company rarely delays flights for their customers. However, in some cases, the airline may delay the trip for the customers.
The good news is that this company offers handsome compensation to the affected passengers. Additionally, the airline also offers a heartfelt apology and notification in time. Customers must note that the airline provides no repayment if a natural disaster occasion a flight cancellation.

Can a customer directly contact customer care?

Yes, you can! A client is free to contact customer care for help directly. The airline also accepts calls for cancellation requests as well as refund requests. At the moment, the best way to reach customer care is to call +1-855-695-0028.
The customer care agents will be more than glad to help you out. You are also free to email Alitalia Airlines any question, compliment, or suggestion.

What happens if I miss a flight?

Typically if you miss a flight, the airline will nullify your booking. Unfortunately, the airline won’t allow you to re-book. You stand a risk of losing your hard-earned travel funds. However, if you notify the airline in advance, they may be lenient on you. Remember that if you fail to notify the airline, they do not get enough time to replace you. Therefore you don’t expect them to repay you yet; they did not replace you.

If I nullify the reservation over looming uncertainty, will I get a refund?

Yes, you will! As mentioned before, Alitalia Airlines’ ticket cancellation respects customer’s privacy. For this reason, you can cancel the flight, if you so wish. However, it’s crucial to note that the airline has a compensation policy.
Therefore, in case the airline cancels your booking, you’ll receive compensation. You have no reason to fear losing your travel funds. In case the airline nullifies your booking, you’re free to book an alternative flight. Interestingly, in such a case, you won’t have to cough up the Alitalia cancellation fee.

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