Airasia Cancellation Policy

Airasia flight cancellation policy

AirAsia is a highly reputable airline in Malaysia. The airline was founded in 1993 but commenced operations in 1996. Interestingly, at the moment, AirAsia boasts of a large fleet size of 255. Additionally, this specific airline flies to nearly 170 different destinations spread across the world. Not to add, that the air service has multiple hubs, both primary and secondary hubs. 

The beauty of AirAsia is that it offers different travel services online. For instance, a customer can comfortably book a flight from the comfort of their home. Similarly, a customer is free to cancel an air ticket for whatever reason. This fact explains why you need to know the AirAsia cancellation policy.

This article will shed more light on AirAsia flight cancellation, refund policy. That’s not all; the write-up will also focus on service charges. You equally need to know about Air Asia’s no show policy. Kindly read this write-up, to the end to capture all the essential travel policies. 

AirAsia Flight Cancellation Policy

AirAsia cancellation policy allows customers, traveling to or from the US, to cancel a flight. However, the customer must submit the cancellation within 24 hours. As long as the client sends the cancellation request at least a week before the departure date, they’ll get a refund. The good news is that such a customer is fully eligible for a full refund.

Similarly, customers who wish to travel to or from Korea can cancel a ticket. However, the value of the refund depends on when they submit the cancellation request. If a customer drops the booking ninety days before departure, they get a full refund. On the other hand, if a customer sends the claim less than a month before expiry, they only get 70 percent of the travel funds.

Usually, a customer who cancels a ticket ought to pay the AirAsia ticket cancellation fee. Please note that AirAsia deducts this fee from the paid booking fee. For other air tickets, the airline does not allow customers to cancel the air ticket. Therefore, the best that a customer can do is to modify a given flight.

Usually, if a customer nullifies a given air ticket, they do not get a refund. You only get the airport tax back as a refund. However, the unfortunate truth is that you’ll have to cough up an AirAsia ticket cancellation fee.

AirAsia Cancellation fee

Customers who cancel a flight must pay an AirAsia ticket cancellation fee. This policy means that domestic passengers also must pay up an AirAsia domestic flight cancellation charges. You must know that the value of the cancellation fee is not fixed. Additionally, the airline usually deducts this fee from the paid booking fee.

Customer needs to familiarize themselves with AirAsia cancel booking policy. This knowledge is crucial as it will help you know what you’re getting yourself into during booking. 

How to Cancel an AirAsia Air Ticket

Technically, the AirAsia cancellation policy provides two ways of canceling an air ticket. Firstly, you can cancel the ticket on your own, online. All you need to do is to visit the airline’s official website. Alternatively, you can directly contact customer support for immediate cancellation assistance.

Below are the simple steps to cancel a ticket online

  • Open a web browser of your choice
  • Visit
  • Navigate the website to my booking option.
  • Enter your departure city, booking number and your surname
  • Click on search or log in to retrieve your booking option.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions carefully
  • Submit the ticket cancellation request.

If you had bought the ticket through a travel agency, you could contact the travel agency. Kindly note that the AirAsia cancellation policy only applies to AirAsia tickets. Therefore, in such a case, you’re under the travel agency’s flight cancellation policy. Nowadays, some travel agencies allow customers to cancel an air ticket online. 

Similarly, if you bought the ticket via another airline, breathe easy. All you have to do is to contact the respective airline. The good news is that most airlines allow customers to cancel tickets online. Therefore, you can cancel the air ticket and get your money back.

AirAsia Refund Policy

Are you familiar with AirAsia’a’s refund policy? Typically, the airline does not accept refund requests. However, in some specific cases, a customer can cancel a ticket and get a full refund. For example, if you’d booked a ticket to or from Korea, you’re lucky. All you need to do is to, request a refund at least three months before the set departure date. 

The exciting news is that you’re eligible for a full refund. However, if you request a refund between 60 to 90 days, you’re eligible for a 90 percent partial refund. On the other hand, if you cancel the ticket in less than a month, you only get 70 percent of the travel funds. 

Similarly, a customer who wanted to travel to or from the US can request a refund. However, ensure that you request a refund at least seven days before expiry. At the moment, such a customer is eligible for a full refund. Typically, AirAsia takes between 14 to 30 business days to process repayments.

Kindly, note that the airlines may deduct applicable service charges. Therefore, a customer usually receives the final amount after all deductions. You must also note that the airline refunds a customer in the same currency.

Similarly, the airline also utilizes the same payment method a customer used. For example, if you booked using a credit card, the AirAsia cancellation policy expects the airline to use the same payment option to repay you.

No Show Policy

AirAsia expects customers to stick to the set departure time dutifully. For this reason, if a customer arrives late, the airline automatically cancels their booking. The good news is that the airline charges no show fee. However, the reality is that you’ll not be allowed to re-book.

A customer can request a refund within six months after the departure date. You’ll be happy to know that the airline respects the customers. For this reason, you do not have to provide any reasons for the cancellation.

AirAsia Contacts

Would you like to contact customer support? Worry, not as you can do so at any time of the day or night. You’ll be happy to know that you can ask any questions or express any concerns. The most convenient way to contact the support team is by calling +1-855-695-0028.

Alternatively, you can contact customer service on social media platforms. Currently, AirAsia is on Facebook, Twitter, or the official website.AirAsia’s official website has chat functionality for the customers. Therefore, you can directly chat with a customer care agent.

AirAsia Airlines cancellation – Final Thoughts

What do you like about AirAsia?This is a simples question to ask any AirAsia customer. Firstly, the AirAsia cancellation policy is, without a doubt, the most customer-friendly. What’s more, the airline has an attractive refund policy. These travel policies give customers a reason to entrust them with their travel funds. 

Most customers will agree that AirAsia has the most time-conscious staff. The airline rarely delays a flight for the customers. Additionally, the air service also has a reasonable no show policy. Thus, if you miss a trip, you do not necessarily lose your money. Truly, AirAsia is the leading air service today!

FAQs Related To AirAsia Cancellation Policy

Is my air ticket subject to the AirAsia Airlines cancellation policy if I buy the air ticket via a travel agency?

No, it isn’t! Typically, AirAsia Airlines cancellation policy only applies to the airline’s air ticket. Therefore, if you buy the air ticket via a travel agency, you’re subject to their cancellation policy. Fascinatingly, most of these travel policies are relatively alike. For instance, the travel agency may charge a flight cancellation fee.
Similarly, some air tickets may be non-refundable and non-cancellable. Regularly, once an air ticket expires, you cannot request a refund. Kindly ensure that you familiarize yourself with the travel policies during booking. This strategy will be witty, especially if you later decide to cancel the reservation.

If I request a refund, is there an elaborate policy that I should know?

AirAsia has the most elaborate refund policy for the customers. Usually, a customer who requests a refund within 24 hours, is eligible for a full refund. As mentioned before, the airline rarely approves refund requests. This fact may be because the airline rarely accepts flight cancellations.
Frequently, the airline makes the necessary deductions before refunding. You must know that the airline deducts customers in the same currency they used. Additionally, the airline uses the same payment method a client used during booking.
At the moment, the air service takes between 14 days to 21 days to fully process refunds. Please note that the refund policy only applies to AirAsia’s tickets. Therefore if you bought the booking via a travel agency, you’d have to contact them. Most travel agencies have a friendly and straightforward refund policy. However, most agencies deduct all the relevant service charges before refunding.

Can I get repayment for an expired air ticket?

No, you can’t! Usually, AirAsia Airlines cancellation policy only recognizes valid air tickets. Therefore it makes sense to nullify the flight before the air ticket expires. It does not matter how many refund requests you send; you won’t receive repayment if the air ticket is expired.

What are some of the international destinations AirAsia cover?

AirAsia covers nearly 170 different destinations across the world. Below is a list of some of the notable destinations.
New Zealand
South Korea

Can one book an air ticket online?

Yes, you can. The airline allows the customer to complete the booking process online. You’ll be glad to know that the air service offers different payment methods online. Therefore, you can comfortably complete the booking process online. Once you successfully book the flight online, you’ll immediately receive an email notification.

What happens if a customer cancels the ticket within 24 hours?

Technically, the airline does not cancel the ticket. However, the airline recognizes exceptional circumstances. For example, if a customer was to travel to or from the US, they can cancel an air ticket. The beauty of canceling the air ticket within a day is that you qualify to get a full refund.
In some cases, such a customer pays no service fee. Please ensure that you cancel the ticket before 24 hours. AirAsia cancellation policy dictates that if you cancel after 24 hours, you get no refund.

Can a customer book a hotel via AirAsia’s official website?

Well, a customer can book both a hotel and an air ticket online. The good news is that AirAsia offers irresistible discounts to the customers. All you have to do is to select the hotel of your choice. The exciting news is that there are multiple hotels available for you. How convenient is that?

Does AirAsia charge any service charges?

Yes, they do! Just like other airlines, AirAsia charges some service charges. Some of these include AirAsia flight cancellation charges. Additionally, the airline may charge a reasonable refund fee where applicable. Usually, the airline deducts this fee from the already paid travel funds.

Can one book a flight via a travel agency?

Yes, you can! The airlines allow customers to book a flight via a travel agency. However, you must know that the AirAsia cancellation policy does not apply. Therefore, if you want to cancel the trip, you must follow the agency’s cancellation policy. Additionally, some travel agencies do not allow customers to book online.
Similarly, the airline allows customers to book via another airline. The good news is that some airlines allow customers to book online. Therefore you can complete the booking process at home. Whichever avenue you opt to use, as long as it’s convenient, it’s alright.

Why should a customer trust AirAsia Airlines?

There are multiple reasons why you should trust AirAsia. Firstly, the airline has the most customer-friendly travel policies. Additionally, the airline rarely delays flights for customers unnecessarily. Therefore customers can rest easy knowing that they’ll arrive at their destinations in time. You’ll also like the airline’s customer care. They’re not only responsive but also polite and warm.

What happens if I cancel a booking over looming uncertainty?

If you nullify a valid air ticket, you’ll receive repayment. Unfortunately, you must know that you may have to pay some AirAsia flight cancellation charges. Technically, if the airline inconveniences you, you can claim compensation. You’ll be happy to know if the airline nullifies your ticket; you pay no service charges.

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